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Zudena 100 mg


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Zudena 100 mg Summary: Zudena 100 mg is a relatively new drug on the international market used to treat erectile dysfunction. The ingredient in this drug is a PDE-5 inhibitor called Udenafil. This ingredient was first licensed for use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in South Korea. At the moment it is used mostly in Asia as the rest of the world warms up to it.

A great thing about this drug is its long half-life. This medication can keep a man virile for longer than 11 hours. It causes an erection by smoothening the walls of blood vessels so that more blood can get into the penis during stimulation. 

This medicine is safe for use in men with erectile dysfunction as long as they can use it as directed.

Zudena is a small yellow pill packed in a blister strip that has 4 pills. You need only one pill before sex.


How to use Zudena 100 mg?

Men with symptoms of impotence need to see a physician to have this drug prescribed. The doctor will provide a prescription detailing how you should use the medicine. Follow the guidelines as provided on the prescription. Do not attempt to create your own dose. When using the medication, it is necessary that you are aware of possible side effects. Talk to the doctor about them and if they occur and seem severe, inform your doctor immediately. This pill is an oral remedy so swallow it with water and do not break or dissolve it in water.


Benefits of Zudena 100 mg

When you start to use this magnificent remedy for erectile dysfunction, you will see remarkable changes in your life. Losing the ability to have sex and then regaining it is obviously a big deal, but there are still more benefits other than that which you will experience when you start using Zudena 100 mg we can review them here.

More Sex: This treatment lets you have as much sex as you wish despite being impotent. Sex has several benefits right from the sheer enjoyment of it, to being able to have children the natural way. It even has an effect on your mental well-being. We shall consider some of the benefits here.

Happier Life: If you are doing something you enjoy, you will naturally be happier, but that is not all, sex triggers an overflow of a happiness hormone that affects your mood, the more sex you have, the happier you will be. Your life will also be enjoyable because you will feel just like any other red-blooded man.

Healthier Lifestyle: You first of all will be encouraged to live a healthier life when you start using this drug. If you smoke, you will need to give it up. If you drink too much, you will need to slow down on how much you drink. You also will have to do more exercise and eat the right foods. All these will make you healthier. The medication can also improve your blood pressure and the supply of oxygenated blood to different parts of your body.

Improved Work-Life: Being impotent can cause low concentration at work because you are always worried about your condition and your relationship. Zudena 100 Mg will put a stop to that wandering mind when you no longer need to worry about erectile dysfunction. Also, when you are sexually active, you realize it is important to keep a steady source of income if you want to have sex more often.

Long action: This medication is among the long-acting drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction. If you enjoy spending the whole night making love, this is the drug to support that. It can keep you active for as long as 11 hours. It also means even if you take the treatment earlier than an hour before sex, you do not have to worry that the effect will wear off soon. This is not the case with medicines like Viagra.


How Zudena 100 mg Treats ED

Many people wonder about these medications used to treat erectile dysfunction. There is a common myth that they act as aphrodisiacs. Far from it. This medication is instead a vasodilator. It achieves erection by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5) like this one single out the hormone PDE-5. They stop it from working so that nitric oxide can be produced. Nitric oxide is needed to relax muscles within the walls of blood vessels. This results in the vessels expanding and smoothening out. More blood can then gain access to body organs. The penis however receives blood only when the man is aroused. Therefore, when a man starts to get naughty with his lover after taking the medication, blood will rush into the penis and make it hard.

The rest of the process is fairly as normal as a healthy man. After ejaculation, the blood will flow out of the penis until the man is ready to go again. However, men who use this medication find they are ready to go again much faster.


Side Effects

Anyone taking this medication needs to know about the possible side effects even if many do not get them. The most common among the side effects is flushing of the face. This occurs because of the increased amount of blood in the vessels. Headache may also occur along with dizziness because the brain is adjusting to the low blood pressure. You may also feel a bit nauseous. Other effects are an unsettled stomach, joint aches, failure to tell between blue and green, and a stuffy nose.

There is another group of side effects that rarely occur but when they do you need to stop using the medication. Often it is a sign that the dose is too strong or you are allergic to the medication. This includes a painful erection that continues more than 4 hours, loss of consciousness, sudden blindness, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and loss of hearing. You will need immediate medical help to deal with these.


Buy Zudena 100 mg

Since this is a fairly new drug, you may not find it easily in pharmacies. However, on Powerpills USA, it is available. Place your order online and just wait for us to deliver it.

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