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Zhewitra 20 mg

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Zhewitra 20 mg Summary Erectile dysfunction doesn’t spell the end of your sex life. At least not while you can get access to drugs like Zhewitra. There are other men with ED who are having regular sex thanks to this wonder pill. Their success stories are an inspiration and a testimony to the effectiveness of the drug. Forget painful and expensive procedures and embrace this option with the blessing of your doctor.


What is Zhewitra 20 mg?

It is a better life for impotent men and their partners. This tablet has Vardenafil a fast-acting drug that promotes erection through vasodilation. Vardenafil was popularized by the brand Levitra. Now Zhewitra is the less expensive option to Levitra but with the same effectiveness in dealing with ED. This medication is administered as the doctor indicates and is only to be used by males above 18.


How does Zhewitra 20 mg Work?

The pill is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and it heads to the walls of blood vessels. Within the vessels is a body enzyme, phosphodiesterase type 5. When this enzyme is active, the walls of blood vessels are narrow and the muscles are tense. Zhewitra will suspend the action of this enzyme. The result is an opposite enzyme, cGMP will become active and will produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide gets the muscles to relax. The vessel walls will respond by dilating. Now, more blood can flow through them. It should be noted that the penis also has blood vessels and the vessels fill up with blood when the man is aroused. 

The drug does not cause arousal but it makes it possible for the penis to erect when arousal occurs.



The physician is expected to determine how much of the drug a patient may need. In most cases, however, they will prescribe 20 milligrams. This is a starting dose and can be increased if the quality of the erection is not suitable. It may however require several administrations of the drug before the dose is altered.

A dose is taken only once a day. Most urologists will recommend that it is only used when needed as opposed to taking it consistently at a particular time. Individual needs vary and the physician is the best person to determine which would be appropriate for each person.


Benefits of Zhewitra 20 mg

The medicine is intended as a sex aid for men who cannot attain an erection. The benefits of using it rotate around the benefits of being able to have sex whenever you want to. There are also benefits related to using the drug instead of other options to treat erectile dysfunction. One such benefit is the fact that an erection can occur after 30 minutes of starting the treatment.

Slow aging: Did you know that having sex can be a beauty treatment? Those frowns that result from stress can be prevented by making love often. Sex helps people relax and improves their mood. It is unlikely that a happy person will frown often. You also end up sleeping better. A good rest is also referred to as beauty sleep so you can be sure of looking better after having sex and getting sufficient rest.


Avoid heart attack: Zhewitra will increase blood circulation through the body. This means your heart too will continue to get a reasonable amount of blood whenever you take this medication. But there’s more to it, ED can be a sign that your heart is not healthy. As you seek treatment for ED, you will also be treating your heart and reducing the risk of heart attack. Sex also serves as exercise for the heart.

Improve confidence: Erectile dysfunction is an emasculating illness. A man feels like he has failed and imagines that his partner may think less of him because of that. Such psychological buttering can affect your confidence. The damage however isn’t permanent. You can regain that confidence by providing aid for your manhood. This drug is that help needed. With a stronger manhood, you will feel every bit manly. 

Reduced prostate cancer risk: Men in their 50’s and over need to have more sex to prevent prostate enlargement and eventually prostate cancer. When you are impotent you cannot have sex unless you turn to Zhewitra 20 mg. With the treatment sex is possible anytime you want it and that will keep prostate cancer at bay.

Better sleep: The worry about impotence can deprive you of sleep. Sex on the other hand is known to be a good way to induce sleep. Using medication for ED lets you have satisfying sex and when you climax your brain will release a chemical that rocks you to sleep. Sleep is how your body rejuvenates and fights diseases.


Side Effects 

There is a possibility of using the medication without experiencing any side effects. And for other men, the effects are minor. Side effects are usually the body’s way of getting used to the new process going on. All the same, a doctor will tell you about possible side effects and ask that you inform them if anything out of the ordinary occurs or if you cannot stand the effects. In other cases, abnormal side effects may occur and you need to see a doctor about them

Minor side effects

  • Headache
  • Dizzy feeling
  • Heat flush
  • Nausea
  • Backache
  • Muscle pain
  • Running stomach
  • Light sensitivity

Abnormal Side effects

  • Chest pain
  • Long erection over 4 hours
  • Blindness
  • Hearing loss
  • Swelling of feet and hands
  • Skin rash
  • Loss of consciousness 



Interactions are related to side effects because some medications can cause serious side effects when they are mixed with Zhewitra. Your doctor will also give you information about such. There are foods like grapefruit that you will have to avoid when you intend to take this drug. Alcohol may also interact with the medicine if taken excessively. 


Buy Zhewitra 20 Mg Online

You should make your order today for this wonderful medication that will improve your life. Do not forget to first talk to a physician to determine if you need it. We provide legit medications for men all around the world. As you can see, our prices are competitive.

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