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Zenegra 100mg


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Zenegra 100 mg is the blue pill alternative for treating erectile dysfunction. The tablet comes in a strip with 4 blue tablets. Its key ingredient Sildenafil is the reason Viagra has been used successfully to treat the same problem. When used, this drug will turn an impotent man into a sex machine within an hour or even less. Despite the exciting prospects, patients are discouraged from using the drug without a proper diagnosis of their condition.

When prescribed and used as recommended, you can enjoy a healthy sex life that comes with several benefits. ED is known to cause numerous problems for the patient and his lover

Treatment of the condition with medication that works like this one has helped many men regain a good quality of life with exciting prospects.

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How Zenegra100Mg is Used?

If you have erectile dysfunction, you are encouraged to see a physician about the problem. You may be referred to a urologist who will diagnose your problem and prescribe the best dose of the drug for you. The diagnosis can determine how you will use the medication. In most cases, it would be used just before sex, preferably 1 hour before. Other times you could be told to take it daily especially if you have sex regularly. One thing that is often emphasized when using this medication is that you shouldn’t take more than one dose in 24 hours.

This drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction as opposed to curing it. You will therefore need it as long as you have the condition. Your dose may be adjusted to something stronger or weaker depending on how you react to this one. Note, Zenegra 100 mg is believed to be the optimum dose for the treatment of ED, however, some men may need to use Zenegra 50 mg.

Benefits of Zenegra100 Mg

Strong erection: The way this drug works, a man can achieve a hard erection within a few minutes. Many men who had soft erections that made penetration difficult or impossible now report high-quality erections. This makes sex more pleasurable and exciting. 

Self-confidence: Many men are infused with confidence when they see their manhood in its full glory. Going from impotent to “full salute” is indeed a boost to a man’s self-esteem. He finally has something to boast about and he knows he can be a man to his partner in the bedroom.

Safety: Using Zenegra100 Mg is a safe and easy way to deal with ED. The dosage is mild and most men will not experience side effects. For men in their 70s and older, this is the preferred drug for them because it is half the full dose which usually would cause side effects in older people who have higher levels of nitric acid. The procedure of administering it is also safe since there is no intrusion. 

Quick solution: The treatment is not just safe, it is also quick. You do not wait long for your manhood to regain its power. Even though you have to continue taking the drug whenever you need to have sex, it is not a lengthy treatment process as long as you have the pills with you.

Improved quality of life: A few studies have been carried out to gauge the effect treating illness has on an individual’s quality of life. The conclusions are that illness is obviously an affront to your enjoyment of life’s pleasures. In the case of an impotent man, he is deprived of the pleasure of sex and it even puts a strain on his relationship. By using Zenegra100 Mg to regain sexual power, a man will have a happier and more fulfilling life. It even helps to combat stress and depression brought about by the inability to function.

Side Effects of Zenegra 100 Mg

When you take Zenegra 100 mg you could experience side effects. For the majority of patients, these effects are mild. Another group of men may not even have any side effects from the drug. All the same, a patient can contact the doctor when they experience side effects that seem too strong or just to find out if they can do anything to reduce the impact. The most likely side effects include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Face and neck may turn red
  • Headache

Another group may seem not so common but can still occur, for example, stomach trouble, nausea, muscle aches, and stuffy nose.

There is also another set of side effects that are rare but serious. These can happen after an overdose. They include a permanent erection, fainting, and sudden blindness. 


Taking more than one tablet can lead to an overdose if they are taken within 24 hours. An unintentional overdose occurs when you forget when you took the last dose and you take another one. It is best to get to the doctor as quickly as possible if you suspect you have taken an overdose. The symptoms of an overdose are severe and easy to notice.


Some of the drugs you use to treat other conditions may interact with Zenegra 100 mg. You need to be sure that this drug can be used along with whatever other drug you are taking. This is why you are encouraged to see a doctor before you start using the drug. You will gain information about interactions and how you can prevent them. There are even foods that can interact with Sildenafil causing it to either get stronger or weaker. Read the patient leaflet to know more about these.

Buying Zenegra100 Mg Online

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