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Vitara Jelly 20 mg


Vardenafil 20 Mg Jelly
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Vitara Jelly 20 mg Summary: Vilitra Jelly is an oral jelly used to treat erectile dysfunction. The main therapeutic ingredient in the jelly is Vardenafil, which helps a man get and maintain an erection following arousal. This drug unlike most ED medications comes in a sachet that contains a flavored jelly. It can be eaten easily with a spoon or emptied directly into the mouth.

Oral jellies like this one are chosen by men who do not like to swallow tablets. They are also noted to get into the bloodstream faster since, by the time they are in the mouth, the drug is ready to be absorbed.

Treating erectile dysfunction with this medication makes a man’s life more pleasant. He can feel better about himself and forget about the embarrassing times when he tried to make love but his penis was lifeless.

With a prescription, this medicine is available online from Powerpills, one of the most affordable online pharmacies for generic meds.


How to Use Vitara Jelly 20 mg

As mentioned earlier, this drug comes in sachets. Each sachet contains 20 mg Vardenafil. That is a complete dose to cause an erection for many men. However, your physician will direct you on how much to take. Pay attention to your prescription and follow the guidelines provided there. You might not be able to understand some of the instructions, so you can also ask the doctor or pharmacist to explain the directions given.

You also need to know that taking the drug alone will not cause an erection. It is important that the genitals are stimulated to result in an erection.


How Vitara Jelly Works

This medication acts as a stimulant for blood circulation. Proper blood volume is required for an erection to occur following stimulation. To achieve this, Vardenafil, which is the main ingredient in Vitara, causes the blood vessels to dilate. Wider blood vessels can transport more blood through the body. At the same time, the penis contains 2 large blood vessels that are supposed to receive and trap blood in there. These vessels also enlarge when a man takes this drug. Now, when a man gets involved in sexual activity, blood will flow in large quantities into the penis. This blood is trapped in there and pressure mounts causing an erection.


Who Should Take Vitara Jelly 20 mg?

With Vitara Jelly as a prescription drug, it is only natural that only people who have been prescribed this treatment should use it. Ordinarily, a doctor may not particularly suggest you take Vitara, but they will indicate you need treatment with Vardenafil and they will suggest the dosage. The pharmacist can then recommend the brand of Vardenafil you should take, and this can be one of the best options.

If you make it known that you do not like swallowing tablets or you need to be able to take the drug at any time without having to look for water, this medication can be offered to you.

At the same time though, you need to be a person who can safely use this drug. Some people are judged to be allergic to the medication, while others might be taking certain drugs that will interact with Vardenafil. All this will be clarified by the urologist before they recommend the treatment.


Benefits of Treatment With Vitara Jelly

Faster Action: If you want a drug that will take a shorter time to start acting, here is one to look at. Since it is in jelly form, you will have it working even within 20 minutes after you have administered it. This can mean your partner may never realize that you first have to take the medication to get an erection.

Pleasing Taste: There are not many medications that can boast of a pleasant test. This jelly is strawberry flavored, it adds a nice taste to your treatment. This is especially good because the drug is taken without water and leaves the taste on your tongue.

Enjoyable Sex: With this drug, you will enjoy sex more. This is not because it enhances performance. The drug allows you to get maximum blood supply to the penis. That means the organ will be as big as it was intended to be. It is much easier to maneuver certain positions when you have a strong erection. Also, the sensation can be better since nerve endings are closer to the surface when you have a full erection.

Confidence Booster: You can boost your confidence by treating ED using Vitara Jelly. Without it, you may have been apprehensive about initiating sex because you fear the disappointment and embarrassment that may occur. But now, that you know you can get an erection every time you take this medicine, you will confidently engage in sex as often as you please.

Happy Lover: This treatment is not just for you. Your lover too will appreciate the results. Though she doesn’t have to take the medication to enjoy the results, your ability to make love to her often will make her happy and feel loved.


Side Effects

Vitara Jelly can cause some side effects. In most cases, they shouldn’t be very intense. If they feel too strong, you need to inform the doctor. Common side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Face turning red
  • Feeling hot
  • Upset stomach
  • Joint pain
  • Stuffy nose or runny nose

If the dose you are taking is too strong or you deliberately overdose, you can end up with serious side effects which require medical treatment. Such side effects include:

  • A condition known as Priapism where the erection remains for longer than 4 hours
  • Sudden blindness or blurry vision
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Swelling of any part of the body
  • Irregular heartbeat


Buying Vitara Jelly 20 mg

As we mentioned already, you need a prescription before you can buy this medication. Legit online pharmacies like Powerpills may ask that you show them a prescription before they sell you the medication. This is for your safety, do not resist. This drug is available now and you can be sure we will have refills whenever you need them. Make us your preferred online pharmacy. If you have any further questions, you may contact us here


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