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Vigora 100mg


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Vigora 100 mg can break the chains of erectile dysfunction. The drug contains Sildenafil, one of the most preferred treatments for impotence. This medication is prescribed by doctors as the standard dose of Sildenafil. A man who takes this drug will get an erection within an hour and can be potent for as long as 10 hours. The peak of the medication however is after 4 hours. It is a safe way to help impotent men and their partners enjoy sex just like any other adult. But, caution needs to be exercised when using it. For starters. It should not be used without a prescription. You should also be careful about other meds you are already using, they might interact with this one. Read more here to learn about this medication and how it can improve your life.

How Vigora 100 Mg is Used?

Vigora 100 mg should be used the way the medical person who prescribes it instructs you to use it. Sometimes you may be asked to use it differently from the next fellow with ED. it depends on your condition and what would suit you best. But in general, here are some guidelines often provided. However, do not ignore going to see a physician just because you have read this section.

– This medication should be taken orally

– Unless the doctor indicates otherwise, take one ill before sex

– Physically arouse your organ before sex to get an erection

– Do not use more than the stated dose within 24 hours

– Swallow the pill whole

– What the physician tells you should be what you following

Why Use Vigora 100 Mg?

When you think of life as an impotent man, it cannot be enticing. You must want to enjoy a better life full of lovemaking and healthy life. Vigora makes that promise to men with erectile dysfunction. You and your partner can have a better life in the following ways when you start and continue using the medication.

Satisfied lover: Let’s first consider your partner, after months or maybe years of not getting the sexual satisfaction she craves, you will be able to deliver that to her. It is possible that just after taking the first dose of this drug, you will be able to get one of the hardest erections. That makes it possible to make mad passionate love to her.

Salvaged confidence: Just think about how low you feel because you are unable to make love to your woman. No man should feel that way. Your self-esteem is probably at its lowest but it can switch to a high like never before. Regaining your manhood using this treatment is what you need to boost your self-confidence.

Happier life: The inability to make love can affect your mood. You are likely to be anxious and unhappy. When you start to use Vigora 100 mg and you continue using it, you will have many reasons to smile and enjoy life. Your partner will be satisfied, and so will you. Your confidence will receive a boost and you will have a positive outlook on life.

Better health: Erectile dysfunction is usually accompanied by high blood pressure which also increases the risk of a heart attack. This medication can be used to control your blood pressure. It also improves the amount of blood different organs receive so your heart will be healthier and so will your brain. You should also note that your penis is healthier whenever it is erect because that is when it has the most blood supply.

Save money: This is one of the more affordable erectile dysfunction treatments. Remember, you will need to keep on treating the condition. It makes sense to spend money on a drug that is affordable because, in the long run, you will save a lot but get the same results as the more expensive ones.

What Makes Vigora 100 Mg Effective? 

Vigora 100 mg is a drug made using research spanning many years. The same research was used to come up with Viagra. The potent ingredient in both medicines is Sildenafil which has shown great results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This ingredient is a vasodilator. It causes more blood to get into the penis by softening blood vessels that are too narrow to let enough blood go through them. Usually, blood vessels get thicker as men age. This is why most ED patients are in their 40s and over. Vigora 100 stops an enzyme in the body called PDE-5 from working and this allows another enzyme to relax the muscles in blood vessels. That’s how vasodilation occurs. After the vessels are relaxed and wider, all a man has to do is physically arouse the penis so that blood will flow into it and make it hard.

Side Effects of Vigora 100 Mg

The side effects of Vigora 100 mg are likely to be negligible. This dose can be tolerated by most men with erectile dysfunction. The common side effects include:

– Dizzy spell

– Nausea

– Headache

-Unsettled stomach

– Stuffy nose

– Increased temperature

In instances where a man is allergic to Sildenafil or overdoses on this treatment, serious reactions can occur. Any of the following is a reason to get to the hospital as fast as you can.

– An erection lasting over 4 hours

– Chest pain

– Sudden blindness

– Rush

– Loss of consciousness

Missed Dose

There is no specific time when you should take this medication. It mainly depends on when you intend to have sex. If you forget to take the drug 30 minutes before sex, you can still take it when you remember and wait for it to take effect. If the physician had instructed you to use the drug every 24 hours, simply take the medication when you remember unless the next dose is less than 4 hours away.

Buying Vigora 100 Mg

Power Up Meds sells this medication to patients who have been given a prescription for Sildenafil 100 mg. We may require that you present your prescription before your order can be processed. If you have already seen the doctor, place your order now and prepare for vigorous passion. 

You can also buy Vigora 50 mg from Power Up Meds.


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