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Vidalista 80 MG


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When treatment of erectile dysfunction seems to have gotten to the point when nothing is working, Vidalista 80 mg may yet offer hope. Many men with the condition who were on the verge of giving up have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Find out more about this medication and how you can use it in this description.

What is Vidalista 80 Mg

You can refer to it as a last-resort oral treatment for erectile dysfunction. In medical terms, it is called salvage treatment. Vidalista 80 mg contains Tadalafil which is one of the best drugs for treating ED. Usually, a doctor would prescribe 10 mg of Tadalafil to treat ED and for many men, that would be sufficient. In rare occurrences where lower doses do not work, then this big gun is the best option. It is prescribed by a specialist and its use is supervised to ensure the safety of the patient.

This oral drug is made by Centurion Laboratories. This pharmaceutical company is credited with making several medications that contribute to the betterment of people’s lives. This product of the company is regarded as safe and effective as long as it is used correctly.


How Vidalista 80 Mg Works

In the treatment of Erectile dysfunction, this medication is expected to aid the movement of blood into the penis. An erection occurs when the chambers in the male sex organ are filled with blood. At times this will fail because the blood vessels are thick and tight causing a high pressure of blood but low volume reaching different organs. Vidalista loosens up the vessels by relaxing the muscles within the vessels. This happens when it alters the working of an enzyme, PDE-5 which is known to restrict the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels.

What might seem like a minor act of relaxing muscles is what makes it possible for an impotent man to get an erection.

For most men, the medication will start to do what is described above in 30 minutes after administering it. Sometimes though it can take a bit longer. An erection however will only happen if the man is sexually stimulated. 


Using Vidalista 80 Mg

The safest way to use any medication is to follow what your doctor tells you to do. With this medication, you can only use it after consultation and prescription from a trained professional. You will be advised to swallow it with water and take it only if you intend to have sex. It will be safest to use the drug once in 36 hours, however, your physician may instruct you differently on that.

After taking the medication, there will be approximately 30 minutes before you can get an erection. Like in normal circumstances, you need to engage in physical stimulation to get an erection. 


Side Effects 

  • Face and neck turning red
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea/ vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Light sensitivity
  • Back pain
  • Muscle aches


Reasons to use Vidalista 80 Mg

Erectile dysfunction obviously will have a terrible effect on the quality of your life. You need a solution that can reverse such effects. Vidalista 80 mg is exactly what is needed. Think about some of the benefits of being able to make love again. Don’t those give you a good reason to use medication that can make that happen? Impotent men who have used this drug with success can swear that it was worth it, going through the treatment. Some key reasons they point out include these: 


  • You will get a strong erection which makes it easier to satisfy your lover sexually
  • It is a boost to your confidence since you know there will be no embarrassing no-show if you initiate sex
  • Using this medication is simple and despite the side effects, the rewards are well worth it
  • This treatment is recommended by medical specialists for use in cases of stubborn erectile dysfunction that doesn’t respond to lower doses of Tadalafil


Efficacy of Treatment

When other drugs have failed, many people doubt if this treatment will be effective. Well, studies have shown it works for 50% of the men who try it. This is a promising statistic that makes it worth trying. This medication also continues to work longer than most PDE-5 inhibitors. After taking a single pill, a man can be virile for as long as 36 hours, and in some cases, 72 hours.


Vidalista 80 Mg Vs Cialis?

It is possible that you have heard about Cialis much more than Vidalista. This is because Cialis was the first brand of Tadalafil ever marketed. But, the two brands are the same medication. You can use either of the 2 to treat erectile dysfunction. However, there is no Cialis tablet equivalent to this one. What’s more, Vidalista costs less than its rival.



It is important to observe caution when using this medication. Taking more than one pill can cause serious complications. Only take what the specialist tells you to take. What’s more, Vidalista 80 mg should only be taken if a man has erectile dysfunction and other medications have proven ineffective. This is not a party drug, therefore do not use it just for the sake of adventure, as the results can be life-threatening.

Anyone intending to take the drug should be made aware of possible interactions and avoid them.



Water, moisture, and heat should never be introduced to the tablets during storage. These can degrade it. Store the pills in the blister strip they come in and put them in a cool dry place. You will also want to have it out of the reach of children or pets. A locked, raised medicine cabinet would be ideal for storing the drug.


Buy Vidalista Online

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