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Valif 20 mg


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Valif 20 mg Summary:

Most men with erectile dysfunction can have the problem treated by using medication like Valif 20 mg. The medicine makes blood flow better through the vessels and into the penis or wherever else it is needed. This pill contains Vardenafil, a common ingredient for drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor, which means it acts on an enzyme called PDE-5. Ajanta is the name of the company that makes these pills. In every strip, you will find 10 tablets. Many men are currently using this medication to enjoy passionate sessions with their lovers. Despite a few side effects, this medication is well received by impotent men.


Why use Valif 20 mg?

The main reason for any treatment is to get relief from an ailment that plagues you. ED has many effects on a man’s life and therefore this drug that counters it should be used by such men. The FDA approves its use since the benefits are visible. Consider some of these:

  • It’s Effective: Men who could not get an erection or who failed to sustain the hard-on are currently living happy lives full of sex thanks to this medication. It takes just a few minutes for the medication to take effect and the man will be able to have sex like any of his peers who do not have ED.
  • Longer sex: This medicine gives you virility for as long as 6 hours. Most men will find that more than enough time to make love to their partner. And it is not that you will have a hard-on for 6 hours straight, your penis functions like a normal one. You can lose the erection after ejaculation and then regain it. The only thing is that recovery time will be faster.
  • Saves your relationship: There is a looming threat of breakup when a man develops erectile dysfunction. This is because a woman has her needs and if you cannot provide for them, she will seek solace elsewhere. With this treatment that should never be the cause of your breakup. You can salvage your relationship by taking Valif 20 mg and getting back to your duties in the bedroom. Many couples say the lovemaking feels even better after the man starts treatment.
  • Improves positive energy: For a man, the loss of manpower can be a huge blow that turns everything upside down. You may lose morale and start being negative about everything. In fact, many men fall into depression. Getting treatment for ED will change your perception of life. Most men become positive after they triumph over such a terrible illness. You regain the drive to succeed and to live a better life. It becomes evident that you can overcome different challenges.
  • Better health: Unknown to many men, erectile dysfunction is usually just the tip of the iceberg. Your health is at risk when you develop erectile dysfunction. There is a possibility your heart is not functioning well and your brain may not be receiving enough blood. Stroke and heart disease are possible risks. With a vasodilator like this one, you can reduce such risks. Blood vessels will be opened up from time to time and your brain and heart can receive enough blood. Regular sex is also recommended for different health reasons.


How to use Valif 20 mg?

The administration of the medication is easy. You simply need to swallow the pill with some water. In most cases, you are encouraged to drink a whole glass of water. To ensure the tablet doesn’t stay stuck in the throat or somewhere along the way.

The doctor will tell you how much of the medication you need to take per dose. However, in most instances, they advise you to swallow one tablet in 24 hours.

This treatment is administered as regularly as you have sex. It is rare that you would be told to take it daily if you only have sex twice a week, or something like that.

This is no over-the-counter medication so you should get it prescribed by the doctor and then follow their instructions about how to use it.


Side Effects:

Side effects affect patients at different intensities. Some men do not even get any side effects while others may be given a lower dose because they find the effects severe. But all in all, the side effects are not serious. A headache is probably the strongest effect. Others include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle pain
  • Dizziness
  • Backache
  • Stuffy nose

You should also differentiate between the normal side effects and those that are rare and serious. These require medical attention. You might get these if you take an overdose.

  • Deafness
  • Allergic reactions
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent hardon over 4 hours
  • Loss of vision



One of the reasons you need medical guidelines before you start this treatment is the fact that some men may have ED but it might not be okay for them to use the medicine. In such cases, you need to consult the doctor before you start the treatment. Some of the cases include:

  • Anyone with allergies
  • Sickle cell patients
  • Anyone with diabetes
  • If you have kidney complications
  • If you are taking certain HIV medicines
  • Men who have had a heart attack within 6 months



Valif 20 Mg may interact with some drugs. Your doctor probably has a complete list of them. You should also give them a full history of all your medical issues. For example, the doctor should know if you have ever had a heart attack, especially within the recent 6 months. You should also avoid certain foods which may interact with Vardenafil. Have the doctor or pharmacist educate you on that.


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