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V-Tada Super 40 mg


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V-Tada Super 40 mg Summary Erectile dysfunction is more common among men 40 and above. In some cases, the problem is persistent despite oral treatment and so the big guns need to be pulled out. V-Tada Super 40 Mg is the strong option that contains Tadalafil. A dose stronger than Tadalafil 20 mg can prove successful in helping impotent men gain an erection whenever they intend to have sex.



Tadalafil is approved treatment for dealing with erectile dysfunction. In some cases, the drug is also used to treat high blood pressure in the lungs. When treating high blood pressure, however, a lower dose is preferred. Tadalafil is a vasodilator and that is how it helps to cause erections and reduce blood pressure. A common brand of Tadalafil is Cialis. V-Tada Super is, in fact, a generic brand of Tadalafil therefore it does the same thing that Cialis does but you would pay less to buy it.

It is recommended that anyone using this medication, especially such a strong dose, must consult a physician first. It should only be used as prescribed. Most physicians will recommend that you only use this medicine if you are going to have sex. This also minimizes the side effects compared to if you take it daily.

Using this dose will require that you first use lower doses of Tadalafil to make sure that you will not react unfavorably to the high dose.

After you take the drug, you will need to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before it can cause an erection. It is also necessary to engage in sensual stimulation for the erection to occur. You will have 36 hours to enjoy sensual pleasure with your lover before the drug is completely out of your system.


Benefits of Using V-Tada Super 40 mg 

You may be focused on the main symptom of erectile dysfunction which is the failure to get an erection, however, this problem has several complications in creates. In general, it affects your quality of life. When you start treatment using V-Tada Super 40 Mg, you will experience various benefits in different aspects of your life that are connected to being able to have sex.

Embarrassment is a common complaint from men with ED. they get embarrassed every time they try to have sex and their “johnny” just doesn’t stand up. It can get so bad that depression sets in as well. The relationship can come to an end or go through serious strain.

Your professional life may also take a hit as you fail to put as much effort into doing your work since you are depressed.

But, when treatment commences and continues, there is a remarkable positive change in the lives of men who use this drug. Key among them are:

  • You gain a feeling of self-worth and importance 
  • Your relationship can be mended and strengthened
  • You will be healthier with a reduced risk of stroke 
  • Your quality of sleep will improve due to sexual satisfaction
  • It is a boost to your mood
  • Depression will slowly clear


How to get the Best of V-Tada Super 40 mg?

It will take your effort, discipline, and proper directions on how to use this medication for you to see the benefit listed above. If after taking the medication for a while you see no difference, you may need to come back and read this section.

Medical direction: Every patient is encouraged to seek medical guidance when treating erectile dysfunction. This is important because a doctor will come up with directions for use of the medication that addresses your problem. How often you take the medication and what you should avoid will all be made known to you when you consult a doctor and follow the prescription provided.

Timing: Do not be in a hurry to dismiss the treatment as unsuccessful. Sometimes you need time to see it work. While you will be told to take the medication 30 mins to an hour before sex, sometimes you might need to wait longer for it to take effect. Your metabolism and what you may have eaten before you took the drug may dictate how long you will wait. Just be patient.

Lifestyle: Medication alone will not help if you are living an unhealthy life. Habits like smoking and use of recreational drugs can hinder the effectiveness of the medication. When you are using V-Tada Super 40 Mg, make sure you exercise and keep active, this also helps blood to circulate better. Being overweight and eating the wrong foods can make the medication useless.

Mental state: Take note that sex happens as much in the mind as it does physically. If your head is not in it, it probably will not happen. If you have other worries or you do not like the person you are trying to have sex with, you can fail to get an erection. This drug will not put you in the mood for sex, that is all up to you and your partner.


Side Effects

V-Tada Super 40 mg will cause a few side effects. Some people find them mild and others may need painkillers to deal with the headache caused by the drug. Keep in contact with the doctor especially if you have just started using this medication. But usually, there is no cause for alarm if you experience any of these:

  • Nausea
  • Flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Running stomach
  • Muscle aches
  • Back pain
  • Blurred vision

On the other hand, get to the emergency service as soon as any of these occur:

  • Priapism
  • Fainting
  • Rushes
  • Blindness
  • Deafness



Take note of these while you use the medication. This information should also be available on the patient information leaflet.

Alcohol: Too much alcohol while on this drug is dangerous. It can intensify the side effects and prevent the drug from working well.

Grapefruit: It can interact with Tadalafil and cause an overdose. Do not eat any grapefruit when you are on this treatment.

Nitrates: Avoid any medications that contain nitrates while you are taking this drug.

Medications: Let the urologist know which other drugs you are using this will help avoid interactions.


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