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Topcynta 100mg (Healing Pharma)


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Topcynta 100mg is a great solution for pain caused by different ailments. If you have toothache, a sports injury and certain conditions like diabetes, you can benefit from using this medication. Tapentadol is the key ingredient in Topcynta 100 Mg, it is an opiate which needs to be used responsibly with the guidance of a physician. Abuse of the medication can lead to addiction. Some patients experience side effects after taking the medication. These are not serious effects. They include dizziness and dry mouth. The doctor or pharmacist can provide extra information about this. But you do not need to worry about them. Not everyone will get them and your healthcare provider will provide you with ways to handle side effects. This drug is made by Healing Pharma under strict guidelines of the Indian regulatory authority. The drug meets international standards and is safe and effective.

How Topcyta 100 Mg Works 

Tapentadol, which is the active ingredient in this medication is what helps it deal with pain. It influences perception of pain in the brain. Usually, when an area of your body is experiencing pain, it will send a signal to the brain and the brain will interpret that signal and you will feel the pain. However, when you have taken this medication, it will block the message from getting to the brain.

When it comes to dealing with fever, the medication reduces temperature by handling pain. Often, fever is a result of pain. When pain is managed, the temperature will go down.

You however need to know that the medication doesn’t cure whatever causes the pain. You still have to treat the main problem after managing the pain.

How to Use Topcyta 100 Mg

This medication is used when it is prescribed by a doctor. The doctor makes an assessment of your pain level and prescribes a corresponding dose. Often, they will start with a low dose and then increase it based on the response to the medication. A patient may have to take the drug after 4 to 6 hours to ensure relief. At times a doctor may prescribe the second dose to be taken as soon as 1 hour after the first one. This is common when a patient may be taking Topcyta 100 mg for the first time and they need a strong response to the pain before they can start taking the drug after 4 or 6 hours.

The tablet needs to be taken orally and swallowed immediately it is put in the mouth. Doctors often recommend that you drink a whole glass of water after swallowing the tablet.

Caution needs to be taken not to use this medication for longer than the period specified. Some patients are prone to addiction especially if they use this painkiller for too long.

Benefits of Topcyta 100 Mg

It is not uncommon for a patient to ask, “Why should I use Topcyta 100 Mg?” This section here will let you know why it is a good choice of painkiller for different kinds of pain.

Extended release: This tablet is recommended often for people who may need treatment from pain that lasts long. For example, if you are dealing with nerve pain from diabetes or arthritis, you will benefit from an extended release painkiller like this one. The effect of the medication is slowly administered so that you remain pain free longer.

Versatile painkiller: This medicine will address a variety of pains. Having it in your medicine cabinet means you can depend on it for pains such as period pains, aching muscles, sporting injuries, headaches, nerve pains like toothache and diabetes, among many more. You do not need to buy other painkillers to deal with different types of pain.

Improved quality of life: When you are managing chronic illness that comes with pain, you need medication like this that can control the pain. People with arthritis live very uncomfortable lives because of the flaring of the illness which causes pain. But when they are prescribed this drug they can effectively manage the situation and live normal lives, able to work and do other things normal people do.

Affordability: Considering that this is a very effective painkiller, it is amazingly affordable. Many other drugs in the same category would cost much more than this one. Healing Pharma manufactures affordable drugs which are now available on this website. Getting rid of discomforting pain is now a lot easier than it used to be.

Side Effects of Topcynta 100 MG

Using Topcynta 100 Mg can result in a few side effects. They shouldn’t be severe and you can just wait them out. However, if they seem to intensify, then it is time to let the doctor know and probably provide a remedy for the problem. Common side effects include:

  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Delayed sleep or difficulty remaining asleep
  • Irritability

If any of the above feel too intense, seek attention from the medical personnel as soon as possible. You also shouldn’t take another dose until you have seen the doctor.

Before Taking Topcynta 100 Mg

Prior to taking this treatment, it needs to be established that it is safe for you. Some people are allergic to this medication and should not take the medication. If you know you are allergic, let the doctor know. If you are not sure, it is possible for the doctor to establish if you are allergic.

Also, people in certain categories shouldn’t use the medication. Among them are people with kidney problems, anyone with a weak heart, alcoholics and pregnant and breastfeeding women. Always share any medical information you have with your doctor because this helps to determine how you will be treated with this medication.

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