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Tastylia (Healing Pharma) 20 mg


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Tastylia (Healing Pharma) 20 mg Summary:

Taking medication for erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be so obvious. At least not when you are taking Tastylia (Healing Pharma) 20 Mg. With an oral dissolving strip like this one, a person watching you take your medication might think you are freshening your breath. And indeed it does feel like a breath mint since it is flavored.

However, this thin strip contains a strong dose of Tadalafil which can help to cause an erection for an impotent man. The medication is approved by the American authority that regulates drugs and food. This is the same drug present in Cialis. In medical tests, it has shown it is effective not just to treat erectile dysfunction but also to manage pulmonary hypertension (PH).

Some men however get too excited about the working of this drug and decide to misuse it. That is when all kinds of things go wrong. For the safety of anyone using this medication, it is advised that it is only used under the supervision of a physician.

Tadalafil 20 Mg is the strongest popular dose prescribed for erectile dysfunction and not more than one dose should be taken within a day.


Benefits of Tastylia 20 mg

Strong erection: This is probably what every man using the medication hopes for. Most of them are not disappointed since this medication does indeed cause a strong erection. When you understand the way it works, it becomes evident why most men who use it will report that they haven’t had such a strong hard-on in many years. Tastylia 20 mg will turn an impotent man into a horny goat.

Satisfied partner: Although taking this medication doesn’t give you the automatic ability to satisfy your lover, a strong erection is a great step in the right direction. With a hard erection that lasts the entire duration of lovemaking, there is a good chance your lover will enjoy the experience and have their desires quenched.

Ego booster: Among the things a man with erectile dysfunction badly needs is a boost to his ego. ED is an illness that affects the defining organ of manliness. When you cannot get your member to salute, you will feel less like a man and that will result in challenges to your confidence. You need a drug like Tastylia (Healing Pharma) 20 Mg to help you regain that confidence. Any man would be proud if he knows he can get a strong erection that outclasses many of his peers’ erections. Also, when you see satisfaction in your lover’s eyes after you made love to her, you will certainly be happy and proud.

Prevent divorce: Not many women are going to stay in a sexless relationship. Even you yourself would feel guilty expecting your lover to stay with you when you cannot make love to her. But if you know you have a solution to erectile dysfunction, you can confidently convince your wife to remain with you. The very idea of divorce may even not come to her mind if you are taking care of business in the bedroom. With this treatment, you will have the ability to take care of business whenever it is necessary. In some cases, she may have to beg you to stop.


How to use it

You simply need to get the strip out of its sachet and put it on your tongue. Let it dissolve and you can swallow the saliva. It is advisable to take the strip 30 minutes before you intend to “get busy” each strip is Tadalafil 20 mg so do not take more than one in 24 hours. Actually, most men will only need one strip for 36 hours. This is the perfect weekend ED treatment. But, before you start using the drug, seek information from the physician about other guidelines for use of this drug. You will need information about side effects and interactions. You also need to eat the right foods to ensure the best results as you use this treatment.



Certain drugs will cause a bad reaction if you take them along with this one. There are also medical conditions that may make it unsafe to use Tastylia 20 mg. For example, people recovering from donating an organ, men with heart problems, and those with low blood pressure may be advised not to use this treatment. Most healthcare providers will talk with the patients before they prescribe the medication. This will cover details of possible interactions.



Alcohol: If you drink heavily, you have the option to either reduce how much you drink or give up drinking especially when you intend to use this medication. Alcohol in small quantities may be okay but getting drunk while on this treatment will cause stronger side effects like dizziness, nausea, headache, and an unsettled stomach.

Overdose: This is the highest recommended dose of Tadalafil. Taking more than one strip at a go can cause serious problems that include chest pain, priapism, and loss of eyesight. Always use the drug as the doctor tells you.

Misuse: Tastylia (Healing Pharma) 20 Mg is not intended to improve sexual prowess. Do not take the drug if you already get erections naturally. It may cause side effects you do not want to deal with.

Grapefruit: Among the possible interactions is grapefruit. Many people like to eat this fruit and it is nutritious. However, when the fruit or juice is mixed with this medication, it can cause serious interactions.


Dealing With Side Effects

You may experience side effects when you take this medication. Strong doses of Tadalafil can have longer-lasting side effects. It is possible to manage these effects with the help of a physician.

  • Headaches are managed with painkillers that do not interact with Tadalafil.
  • You can also drink more water to reduce dizziness, nausea, and some other side effects.
  • You should also watch what you eat when you are on this medication. Some foods are likely to give you indigestion or make you vomit.


Buy Tastylia (Healing Pharma) 20 mg

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