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Tapal-ER 100 mg


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Tapal-ER 100 mg Summary:

Tapal-ER 100 mg is a drug that treats different degrees of pain. This can range from moderate to severe. The types of pain it can be used for include headache, toothache, period pains, and fever, among others. Where some other painkillers fail, this drug can be used to effectively relieve pain.

Sometimes the physician can prescribe this as a lone treatment for pain or it can be combined with other drugs depending on the condition of the patient. The dose can also be altered when the patient registers an improvement in their condition or if there is very little change. Usually, the medic will consider the pain level before making a change to the dosage. Unlike some drugs that must be taken with food, Tapal-ER can be used with or without eating.

When you use this medication, you could experience certain side effects. These however are minor in most cases. They can include feeling drowsy, vomiting, or feeling tired. With time, the side effects fade, but if they do not or intensify, you should talk to the physician about changing the dose or using an alternative medicine.

It is important that you do not start using this medication without a prescription. It may not be safe for everyone to use. It is best that you tell the doctor what symptoms you have and share your medical history before you start using the drug. For example, pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding are often discouraged from using such medication.


How Tapal-ER 100 mg is used:

This medication is in tablet form, you therefore will be expected to swallow it with water. The number of tablets you take will depend on the prescribed dosage. For mild pain, a single tablet may be enough taken at different intervals throughout the day. When dealing with severe pain, however, the doctor may prescribe more than one Tapal-ER 100 mg tablet after every 3 to 4 hours.

Bottom line, you need to seek guidance from a physician when using this medication.


How Tapal-ER 100 mg works:

Like most painkillers, this medication works by numbing the perception of pain. There are transmitters in your body that send signals to your brain whenever you are experiencing pain. This medication intercepts the transmission of these signals so that your brain will not keep on noticing that you are in pain. Note, the medication will not address the cause of the pain so it is important that you have a physician find out what is causing the pain and treat it. 


Benefits of Tapal-ER 100 mg:

Pain medication is one of the greatest inventions of science. Millions of people have benefited and continue to benefit from the drug. Tapal-ER 100 Mg helps to improve the lives of patients who use it in the following ways.

Pain relief: This drug has a number of pains and aches that it can help relieve. What’s more, you can use it for different levels of pain by simply changing the dose. If you have ever experienced persistent pain, you can testify to the fact that it disrupts your life. It can prevent you from doing anything constructive until you get rid of it. This medication is what you need to accomplish much more without the trouble of nagging pain. 

Treatment of fever: Fever, just like pain can be very discomforting. It can also lead to more complications like getting dehydrated or organ failure. It is important that you have a drug that can pacify a fever. Tapal-ER 100 Mg is the perfect treatment for fever. It brings your temperature under control. Sometimes fever is also the result of pain, so when you treat the pain, the fever will subside.

Quick relief: this medication allows you to get rid of pain and fever within a short time. It may take less than an hour for you to have the problem under control. Of course, sometimes it may depend on how severe the pain is.

Safety: When seeking treatment of any kind, it is important that you consider how safe it is. When it comes to this drug, most people respond favorably to it. Despite a few side effects which not many people get, it is a drug you can be sure will cause no harm as long as you use it as prescribed by the physician and for the duration set.


Side Effects:

This pain medication has a very low occurrence of side effects. When they do occur, it will not be a big issue for you. The three main side effects are manageable. They include feeling a bit dizzy as the medication takes effect, and some people may experience nausea or even vomit, it has also been reported that the drug can make you sleepy especially if you are on a strong dose.

Patients are encouraged to inform the doctor if they have serious side effects or if the minor side effects do not fade after some time.



Patients are often warned about the possibility of getting addicted to this medication. This happens if you use the drug for too long. Self-prescription often leads to such problems because you may not know when to stop taking the medication. It is therefore necessary to only take this drug as directed by the physician and for the period indicated. If the pain persists even after treatment with the drug, return to the doctor for advice on the next course of treatment.


Alcohol Use:

When using Tapal-ER 100 mg, you will be safe staying away from alcohol. Do not mix this medication with wine or any other alcoholic beverage. You should also find out from the doctor about any interactions especially if you are also treating another ailment while on this painkiller.


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