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Tadapox 80mg


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If your bedroom no longer sees any action because of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, there is an end to such an embarrassing condition. Tadapox 80 mg tablets are the relief you need to help you get back on your saddle. A large number of men fail to get an erection while others may ejaculate within a minute or less of penetration. When both of these occur, a combination treatment is prescribed and this is what we will discuss here.


What is Tadapox 80 mg?

The Tadapox 80 mg tablets are a combination of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. You probably realize that the name borrows the first 4 letters in Tadalafil and 3 letters from Dapoxetine to create Tada-Pox. The ratio of Tadalafil to Dapoxetine in each tablet is 20:60.

Tadalafil helps to treat erectile dysfunction while dapoxetine treats erectile dysfunction. This is medication that registered impressive success during clinical trials and now it is available in different online pharmacies such as this one.

It is a prescription drug.


What are Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation? 

The two terms sometimes get mixed up and sometimes a person may incorrectly describe what they have as one of them.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to get an erection to support penetrative sex. The penis may remain limp all through or it may not get hard enough. In other cases, it gets hard but only for a short while. Now, if this happens a few times, that is common and nothing to worry about. However, if it happens every time you attempt to have sex, then it is erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation on the other hand is when a man ejaculates too fast during sex. This can be within 1 minute of beginning penetrative sex. Once again, if it just happens a few times, that should be no big deal. If, however, it is recurrent, then it is an illness that needs treatment. 


How Do Tadapox 80 mg Tablets Work?

Each ingredient within the tablet has a separate function but incredibly, they will work at the same pace so that by the time you begin sexual intercourse, the problems you usually face have been addressed.

Tadalafil will influence the relaxation of arteries so that they can carry more blood around the body. This is made possible by inhibiting the functioning of an enzyme, PDE5. the drug suspends its actions for as long as 36 hours so that every time a man is sexually stimulated within that period, he will get an erection. This medication simply helps more blood flow into the penis when it is needed.

Dapoxetine is carried to the brain where it regulates the uptake of Serotonin. It works like a valve for serotonin, releasing it at the right time so that ejaculation is delayed at least 15 minutes longer than usual. Some men may even keep going for 30 minutes before they climax.


How to use Tadapox 80 mg Tablets

A physician, preferably a urologist should be consulted before anyone begins to use this medication. Sometimes the instructions may vary based on an individual’s situation. However, only one tablet is required per day and it should be taken before sexual activity. The tablet is swallowed using water. You can choose to eat before taking the drug, this doesn’t have a big effect on its effect as long as you do not overeat. But, the doctor may advise you against eating certain foods before swallowing the meds because they delay action. The treatment should only be administered before sex, you do not need to take it daily.


Advantages of Tadapox 80 mg

You need only one pill: Although ED and PE are 2 different conditions, you do not have to buy 2 separate pills to treat the conditions. This is a combination treatment that will even save you money since the price is not so high. Many people do not enjoy having to take many pills so this drug saves you from doing that.

Safe and effective: This treatment has already been tried and the results show it has no major side effects. Men 18 years and over with both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can use it without any risks as long as the doctor sees it fit for them to use it. The percentage of success stories is impressive so most men who use it will regain full sexual performance for the duration the drug is active.

Improved life: By using this drug, a man can feel fulfilled. Sex plays a big part in reinforcing a man’s confidence. When he realizes he cannot have it or that his partner is not satisfied, it takes a toll on his self-esteem and this affects the quality of life he lives. However, with this medication, he can improve his bedroom performance and that eventually makes life better for him.

Better health: Sex is needed for a healthy life. It is compared to working out in the gym. If you cannot have regular sex, your heart probably misses the exercise and your penis doesn’t get sufficient oxygenated blood. When you start using this medication, however, you can once again exercise your heart and improve blood supply to different parts of the body including the penis.

Better sleep: Sex is one of the easiest ways to help relax the mind and prepare it for deep sleep. The workout it provides coupled with the release of happy hormones can help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.



Although this medication is wonderful and helps to improve quality of life, it can be a problem if you do not observe certain precautions. To begin with, you should avoid self-medication. Let the doctor know about your problem and they will decide if and how you should use it. It is also important not to drink too much alcohol or smoke if you are on the treatment. A full list of precautions will be given to you by the doctor or pharmacist.


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