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Tadagra Super 60 mg


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Tadagra Super 60 mg Summary: In cases of erectile dysfunction that prove too stubborn for ordinary doses of Tadalafil, a physician may recommend Tadagra Super 60 mg. This drug has proved successful in off-label treatment of erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil tablets are usually used within the range of 5mg and 20 mg but sometimes it is necessary to handle the problem with a stronger dose of 60 Mg.

This treatment however can only be started after trials with lower doses. It should be understood that high doses of the drug can be an overdose with serious consequences. The Doctor, therefore, needs to be sure that the use of such a dose is safe. Not every man with ED will be cleared to use this medication.

However, when all seems clear for the use of this medication, there is a good chance that the treatment will be successful. Tadagra Super 60 mg is a vasodilator. The action of the drug causes blood vessels to relax, expand, and let more blood pass through them. This is necessary for an impotent man to get an erection.

The tablets are made by RSM Enterprises, a well-known and trusted Pharmacy in India which makes hundreds of other drugs that are approved to international standards.

Using this treatment successfully will ensure that you gain many benefits including saving your relationship and having more confidence in yourself.



It is most likely that knowing the benefits of Tadagra Super 60 mg will make you more ready to use it. You may even get excited about the prospects and that in itself is a benefit. The first thing you should realize is that you will be able to have a boner again. Now, how will that change your life? You must already be considering the different possibilities. These are some of them:

  • Your quality of sex will be much better since this medication will give you a strong erection
  • Having a strong hard-on will certainly make you a prouder man, which man doesn’t take pride in being manly?
  • The possibility and actuality of regular sex will make you happier
  • It is not just about sex, this drug will also improve blood flow to the penis which is good for penile health
  • Just one tablet can help you be a potent man for as long as 36 hours
  • Your lover will be pleased by the fact that you can make love to her whenever she wishes.


How to use Tadagra Super 60 mg

You cannot use Tadagra Super 60 mg without first contacting a specialist in male sexual health problems. The medication should be prescribed based on diagnosis and tests carried out.

When the specialist recommends a strong dose of Tadalafil, they will also give you instructions about how you should use it. Adherence to the recommended dose is important. In case you want to have it changed, refer to the doctor again for advice.

General information about using this medication includes using it orally. The drug should be swallowed using water. It needs to be taken at least 30 minutes before sex. An erection occurs when you physically stimulate your manhood. Foreplay is strongly encouraged for this reason.

Note that the drug remains active for 36 hours. You can prevent an overdose by not taking another tablet within that time.



When using a strong drug like Tadagra Super 60 mg, you need to be careful about interaction. Some of them could be fatal. During your session with the doctor, they will try to assess possible interaction risks based on medications you may be using and your medical history. The doctor knows several possible interactions so you need to provide all the information about the drugs you are using.

But it is not just medication that you need to worry about. Even grapefruit and juice can be a threat. You shouldn’t take grapes in any form while you are on this medication. Also, refer to the product information leaflet, it should have more information about interactions.


Do not use Tadagra Super 60 mg if

  • Any of the ingredients including Tadalafil will cause allergic reactions
  • Your heart can not support rigorous exercise like sex
  • You do not have a prescription for this treatment
  • There’s a baby in your womb
  • You are taking any HIV medication known to interact with Tadalafil
  • You recently had a stroke or heart surgery from which you are recovering
  • There is no medical condition that can be treated with this medication
  • You have kidney disease or are undergoing treatment
  • Your blood pressure is low


Side Effects of Tadagra Super 60 mg?

Reaction to this treatment may vary from one individual to the next. Some people may get more side effects than others while some may not even have any side effects. However, certain effects seem to be more common than others. Headache, nausea, and turning red in the face are among the common side effects. There are also some cases of running stomach or indigestion, some men may experience back pain and dizziness.

Side effects are another topic of discussion for you and the physician who prescribes the medication. You can even contact them if any side effect seems more intense than you expected. In most cases however you can just tolerate the effect until it goes away.


What if the Treatment Fails

Different circumstances can lead to the failure of the treatment. For example, if you eat fatty foods like takeout, it may delay the treatment or even prevent it from working at all. Taking too much alcohol and smoking may also affect this medication’s success. It is necessary to check if you have followed the instructions given to you by the doctor. This may even include engaging in foreplay at least 30 minutes after taking the drug.

If you are sure you followed all the instructions and there is still no effect, return to the doctor. Do not mix this drug with other ED drugs and supplements. Also, do not increase the dose. 


Buy Tadagra Super 60 mg

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