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Tadaga 80 mg


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Tadaga 80 mg Summary:

Tadaga 80 mg is a powerful erectile dysfunction drug with four times the strength of the ordinary dose. Strong medications like this one are usually reserved for use in cases that may not respond to treatment with the more conventional doses. This drug contains Tadalafil which is usually prescribed in doses of 10 and 20 mg. When treating ED with this tablet, only a trained healthcare provider should prescribe it. Self-medication could land you in a hospital bed or even worse.

Tadalafil causes increased blood transportation to different organs of the body. This is achieved through dilation of blood vessels. The same action opens up the vessels in the penis that collect blood to cause an erection.

The drug will start working within half an hour and will remain active for 36 hours. Unlike popular myths you may have heard about these medications for treating ED, this drug doesn’t cause unwanted erections. You need to actively stimulate your manhood for it to get hard.

Tadaga 80 mg is a product of RSM Enterprises, a company based in India. Millions of people around the world have benefited from using medications made by this company. If you have serious erectile dysfunction, this medication may be the safe treatment you need to treat the problem.



By the time you need to take salvage treatment for ED like this one, you must have been disappointed by the results of the lower doses. However, do not give up yet. Behind the frustrating cloud of failed doses, this one is the ray of sunshine. Clinical trials have shown a good success rate of using stronger than usual doses of Tadalafil to combat ED. in the end you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • The erection will be strong and last long so that you can enjoy penetrative sex
  • Although it will start working fast, it is one of the longest-acting ED medications
  • Success with this drug means you will be free of the frustration of failing to please your partner
  • If you have depression because of ED, this is the remedy you need to change the condition
  • Sex will be something you can enjoy whenever you please


How to use it?

Until you have had a consultation with a physician, you cannot start using this medication. The physician who prescribes the treatment should also give you instructions about how to use it. Using this medication requires sufficient information about safely administering it. There is added information that comes with the medication in a leaflet. This product description is simply to help you get an idea about this drug before you start to use it. However, it will not substitute the doctor’s advice.

Take Tadaga 80 mg only once in 24 hours. You can even take it once in 36 hours since it is still active in the body after 24. You need to take into consideration how long it takes for this drug to start working so plan when you will swallow it. Water will help wash the pill down to the gut.

Note, this drug will treat erectile dysfunction but not cure it. Until you can discover what is causing the problem, continue taking the treatment to enjoy making love.



The manufacturer provides a complete document about possible interactions. It is good to read that as well as talk to your doctor about this. Interactions occur when you take medication or food that may either do the same as this medication or may counter the effect of the drug. Doctors try to avoid this by finding out what drugs you may already be using. You also need to give them information about your medical history. At times an illness or condition can make it dangerous to use this treatment. With over 300 possible interactions, it is difficult for you to get to know all of them. This is why the doctor finds out about your medical history to identify the possible ones.


Do not use Tadaga 80 mg if:

  • You have Tadalafil allergies
  • You have a crooked penis
  • Doctors advised you to avoid vigorous exercise like sex
  • Your blood pressure is very high
  • Your blood pressure is low
  • Your Kidney is not functioning at an optimum level
  • The drugs you are using contain nitrates
  • You had a heart attack within 6 months
  • You are undergoing cancer treatment

You will also need to talk to the doctor first if you have sickle cells, diabetes, or a curved penis. They may be able to find a safe way to use the medication.


Tadaga 80 mg Safety:

You must understand that this is 4 times the normal dose for Tadalafil treatment. For many men, this may constitute an overdose. Using this medication safely requires that you do it with advice from the doctor. A doctor will only prescribe the medication if it has been noted that you can withstand the dosage. You will have to try out the lower doses first. When you start using the drug, you must avoid carelessly taking the medication which could lead to an overdose. If need be, write down every time you take the drug so you do not take a second dose by mistake.


Side Effects:

Many men with ED may be put off using the medication because of the side effects that occur. They can feel more intense than with lower doses. Scientists indicate that there is a 50% chance of developing side effects when on this treatment. You can expect the following feelings.

  • Nausea
  • Back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Flushed face
  • Light sensitivity

If side effects seem like a problem whenever you use the medication, let your doctor know. There might be some countermeasures they can recommend.


Buy Tadaga 80 mg:

Make sure you have a prescription before you start looking for a place to buy the drug. At Powerpills, we will require that you show your prescription before we process your order. When you get this genuine drug for treating ED, you will see a world of change in your sex life. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.

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