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Silditop 50 mg (Healing Pharma)


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Silditop 50 mg Summary: Managing erectile dysfunction is made easy with Silditop 50 mg. It is made using Sildenafil, the same ingredient found in the “blue-pill” Viagra. This oral tablet is film-coated to make it easier to swallow.

Often it is used as the introductory dose to Sildenafil treatment. Most men will have no or limited side effects but still, get a strong enough erection to have sex.

The drug acts on the enzyme PDE-5. It inhibits the action of that enzyme to allow the body to produce more nitric oxide that relaxes the muscles of blood vessels. This action of the drug is necessary for blood to flow into the penis and cause an erection.

In a nutshell, you can say this medication is a vasodilator that promotes blood flow through blood vessels at low pressure.

The treatment needs to be combined with erotic stimulation for the erection to occur after taking the medicine.



One tablet of Silditop 50 mg is a sufficient dose. It is often taken just once in 24 hours and 1 hour before sexual intercourse. The dosage of the treatment however will depend on the physician’s review of a patient’s condition. Some may be encouraged to take more than one tablet. However, the dose should only be determined by the physician. It may take some time before the best dose is determined. 

You may need to continue using the same dose for a while before it is altered. A patient should never come up with their own dose, this can lead to failed treatment or even worse, an overdose. 

Despite the availability of this information educating you about possible dose options, always stick with the recommendation of your doctor or pharmacist.


Benefits of Silditop 50 mg

Living with any illness can be very frustrating. Some illnesses like erectile dysfunction can cause serious problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. This drug can help to address such problems. The power to change your life is right there in a small blue pill. Many of your problems are connected to the inability to get an erection. When you start treating your problem, you realize a chain reaction of benefits that improve your life. Consider them here.

Regular sex: This medication allows you to get an erection whenever you need one. The implications of that are you can have sex as regularly as you please. Imagine no longer getting disappointed when you initiate sex. That embarrassment will be a bad memory you can quickly forget.

Sexual satisfaction: If you can have sex often, that means you can quench that sexual thirst you have. But it is not just that, the erection you get will be hard and able to support different positions that you could not try before treatment. Many men who use the treatment note that their penis seems more sensitive and the climaxing is intense after using the drug.

Reversed depression: one of the common causes of depression in men is losing their manhood. The sight and thought of a flaccid penis, whenever you engage in sexual activity, will definitely cause depression. You need to address depression before it gets worse. Well, Silditop 50 mg helps to address the problem. When you start getting hard whenever your lover touches you and you enjoy great love-making sessions, you will have no reason to be depressed anymore. Sex, especially when you climax is known to make people happier.

Replenished confidence: Impotent Men often feel they have no business sitting among other men as they talk about their sexual experiences. They find they are withdrawn and harbor low self-esteem. At times this will even become a case of depression. Well, thankfully this medication is available to boost your confidence. You will have stories to share about your hard erection and what it got up to the night before.

A better life: The different improvements in your life will make life much better. Imagine the kind of relationship you will have with your lover if you can make love often. You will also feel better about yourself and strive to continue improving your life.



Before you get carried away by excitement, it is necessary to know that there are safe and unsafe practices associated with using this medication. You may find information about precautions on different websites. Here, we will just highlight a few to ensure your safety.

Communication: Diagnosing your problem and prescribing the best treatment may depend on how well you communicate with the doctor. Questions asked should be answered truthfully. Do not hide information about your medical history. You should also feel free to let them know how the medication is working. If you have strong side effects, let the doctor know.

Discipline: You have a responsibility to use this drug the way it is advised for you to use. Avoid the temptation to experiment with stronger doses of the drug. This can lead to serious consequences.

Interactions: The number of interactions can not be exhausted in this product description. Different patients have different risks of interactions depending on the medications they are using. This is why communication is important. Letting the doctor know what drugs you are using and what your normal diet constitutes will help them protect you from interactions.

Machine operation: Certain side effects of this treatment may make it hard for you to operate heavy machines. This includes motor vehicles. Try and imagine how easily you will drive if you have a headache and are feeling dizzy. You are safer not driving if you have side effects that affect your concentration.


Silditop 50 mg Side Effects 

Although this dose is often recommended because of the low risk of side effects, some people still get certain effects. There are common ones and some that are not likely to occur.

Common side effects

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Running stomach
  • Heat flashes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blocked nose

Rare but serious effects 

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Painful erection
  • Allergy
  • Blood in urine
  • Rush 


Order Silditop 50 mg

With a prescription and sufficient information to use this medication safely, you can order this pill from Powerpills USA. The order process is simple and the source can be trusted. Let us know today how much you need. 

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