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Sildigra XL Plus 50 mg


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Sildigra XL Plus 50 mg Summary: Sometimes the first dose of oral treatment for erectile dysfunction may not work. In such a case you need to call in the big guns. That is where Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg comes in. The small blue tablets are an extra dose of Sildenafil to improve the effects of the drug when treating erectile dysfunction.

This medication works by increasing blood flow to the penis by influencing the action of enzymes in the body. The use of drugs like these which contain Sildenafil is approved by the FDA which endorsed the use of Viagra which also contains Sildenafil.

Patients are required to seek advice from a physician before they start treatment with this drug.

Using Sildigra XL Plus is safe and effective to help a man get and maintain an erection for as long as 4 hours. The manufacturer of the drug, RSM Enterprises is a certified drug manufacturer in India with several ED medications to their name.


Who Should use Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg?

Although this medication is for men with ED, not all of them should use it. To start using this medication you should have tried lower doses of Sildenafil. The Physician can determine after that if there is a need to increase the dosage for better results.

The stronger the dose of Sildenafil, the higher the chances of side effects. Doctors usually control the side effects with lower doses that are effective for most men with ED.

Therefore, only consider using this medication if the lower doses of Sildigra did not produce the best results.


How is it Used?

As indicated on the packaging of this medication, you should use this medication as advised by a physician. It is important not to take any medication without a prescription. If you have a prescription, however, there are certain instructions that would commonly be given on how to use Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg. Some of them include:

  • Swallow it as a whole without breaking or crushing
  • Use water to swallow it
  • Do not take more than 1 tablet in 24 hours
  • Administer the medication at least 30 minutes before intercourse but not more than 4 hours before
  • Engage in foreplay to stimulate the penis


Why use Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg?

Many patients will be concerned about how safe a drug is, whether it is effective and any other benefits of using the medication. Once these 3 concerns are answered, it will be clear why you should use Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg.

Safety: This treatment is dependent on the ingredient Sildenafil. What you should know about Sildenafil is that it has been in use since early 2000s. FDA approved its use in the famous drug Viagra. Ever since its approval, thousands or even millions of men have used it without any major problems. Of course, caution is advised when using it. Some medical conditions may make it unsafe for a patient to use it. A trained physician can guide you on how to use Sildigra XL Plus Safely.

Efficacy: Clinical trials have shown that 82% of the men who have ED and used this treatment were able to get a firm erection. The drug’s performance however depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction. This is why it is important that before you buy the drug, seek medical help to diagnose your problem. A urologist can determine if taking a high dose of Sildenafil will enable you to get an erection.

Benefits: This drug will help you achieve a good quality erection. Sex will be easier and more enjoyable when that happens. Along with that, you will enjoy the benefits of sex which include:

  • You will be closer to your partner
  • Life will be more enjoyable and you will be happy
  • Treating ED with Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg can fight depression
  • You will get a confidence boost
  • Your heart will be healthier


What Makes Sildigra XL Plus 150 mg Effective?

Let’s first talk about what happens for a normal man to get an erection. When a normal man is in the mood for sex, the brain sends a signal to the blood vessels to get blood to flow into the penis. The muscles in the blood vessels will relax and the passage will expand so that high volumes of blood can flow quickly into the chambers of the penis where it is trapped and causes an erection.

Now, in an impotent man, this doesn’t happen because the blood vessel walls are thick and hard. The muscles fail to relax so the passage for blood is narrow and cannot allow enough blood to collect in the penis.

When you take Sildigra XL Plus, it will get into the walls of the blood vessels and alter the action of the enzyme PDE-5. It stops the enzyme from working. This causes another enzyme to start working. This enzyme promotes the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide will get the muscles of blood vessels to relax and the normal process of getting an erection can occur when a man is physically stimulated.


Side Effects 

The chances of getting minor side effects are high when you are using this medicine. You can get two or three of the following side effects.

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Diarrhea
  • Stuffy nose

Uncommon Side Effects

  • Chest pain
  • Priapism
  • Blood in urine
  • Ringing in ears
  • Fainting 



 1- Can I prevent side effects?

There is no concrete research that shows side effects can be prevented especially when you are on a dose like Sildenafil 150 Mg. However, you can minimize the effects by drinking more water, using painkillers, and not getting up too fast

2- Why is grapefruit discouraged when using this drug?

This nutritious fruit has some vasodilating characteristics. Taking it along with a strong PDE-5 inhibitor can increase the risk of an overdose.

3- Are Sildigra XL Plus 150 Mg and Viagra the same?

Both these drugs are brands of Sildenafil. They, therefore, do the same thing and can easily substitute each other. However, they are made by different companies with different operating costs. This makes them vary in terms of price.


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