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Sildenafil Tablets IP 100mg


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Summary: Sildenafil will help you overcome erectile dysfunction within just a few minutes. Sildenafil Tablets IP are generic ED tablets made in India with the same ability to deal with erectile dysfunction as their branded competitors. With a 100 mg tablet, a man can have enjoyable sex for as long as 4 hours. Although the medication eventually wears off, the patient has enough time to satisfy his desire. This medication may also be used to treat hypertension because the way it works can reduce high blood pressure. Basically, this drug is a vasodilator and when vessels dilate, blood pressure will come down.

Despite some side effects, the medication is safe for use as long as it is used the way the doctor prescribes it.


What Sildenafil Tablets IP do in the Body

It should become easier to trust this medication when you understand what it does when you use it. Often, people only see the results and at times many myths circulate about what it really does. Here you will get to know the truth about how it works.

Sildenafil Tablets IP improve blood circulation in the body. Different types of drugs do this and among them are those categorized as PDE-5 inhibitors. This is the category this drug falls into. They achieve vasodilation through the inhibition of a body enzyme known as PDE-5. This enzyme does the opposite of dilation. For example, when a man climaxes, blood vessels in the penis contract to let blood flow out. If this enzyme remains active in the body then an erection cannot occur. This drug, therefore, stops it from functioning and that will relax blood vessels throughout the body.

When a man starts to fool around with his partner, he will get sexually excited and blood can flow into the penis to get it erect.

This drug, therefore, increases the amount of blood that flows into the penis and that is important in getting an erection.


How to use Sildenafil Tablets IP

Before you can start treating ED or hypertension, you need to be diagnosed. After diagnosis, the doctor will decide how much of the medication you need. The frequently administered dose is 100 mg. That means you are likely to be told to take just one pill. The best time to take the pill is just an hour before intercourse. The next dose doesn’t have to be taken for 24 hours. At times you may not even take another until your next sexual encounter. In most men, it has been found that there is little benefit from using the medication every day. Sildenafil Tablets are used as oral treatment therefore you need to swallow the tablet. You may come across different tablets that can be chewed, dissolved in water, placed under the tongue, or swallowed whole with water. It is important you read the label to confirm which type of Sildenafil tablet you are using. The way you swallow it can determine how fast it starts to work from the time you administer the treatment.



Strong Erection: The major aim of treating ED is to be able to get an erection. This medication will do exactly that. But there is a bit of extra to this benefit. Since the drug increases the blood flow to the penis, most men will find that they have a stronger-than-usual erection. You see as you age, you may have noticed that the quality of the erection diminishes. Well, this drug will reverse that. You will have a hard erection like a 20-year-old. This can improve the sensation during sex and make it easier to penetrate.

Satisfaction: Both you and your partner want to gain satisfaction during sex. When you have erectile dysfunction, that may not be possible because often the erection will get soft before you have had a chance to enjoy the session. This medication helps to maintain an erection. Even after ejaculation, the latency time is reduced so you recover faster and get on with the next round. Your partner will love that about this drug. Women with partners on this treatment note that they are often satisfied.

Self-Confidence: While you have untreated erectile dysfunction, you are likely to have low self-esteem. This often happens because as a man you have the urge to show your manliness by getting an erection and satisfying your partner. With ED, however, you feel less like a man. Getting treated for the condition with this medication will give you a reason to boast again. Think about the way you will feel when your lover praises you for having a stiff erection all the time. Also, imagine what you can do with it. Doesn’t that make you feel more confident?

Happiness: You will have more reasons to be happy when you can make love as often as you please. Your brain is wired to associate sex with happiness and it is even scientifically evident that people who have sex often are happier. Also, do not forget the fact that when you have romantic time with your lover often, your relationship grows stronger. Wouldn’t that make you happier?

Better Sleep: Apart from making people happier, sex has also been shown to improve the quality of sleep. Certain chemicals are secreted into the brain after sex and this promotes relaxation. You will wake up feeling better and ready to face the day’s challenges. This is good for success in life.


Side Effects

You might have to deal with side effects after taking the medication. If it is your first time taking a drug like this, you may feel a bit dizzy and have a headache. The longer you use the medication however, you will become immune to these effects. There are many other possible side effects and the doctor will talk to you about them or you can read about them on the leaflet provided.


Sildenafil Tablets IP

You can order these tablets from Powerpills. It is a reliable way to get vital medications at a fair price. We also let you track the package right up to the time it is delivered. Place your order today. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.



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