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Silagra 100mg


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Silagra 100 mg, a potent vasodilator, effectively addresses the issue of problems getting an erection by enhancing the penis’s ability to fill up with blood. This treatment proves successful in resolving the root cause and promoting improved sexual performance. Although it is just treatment to manage the condition, it enables a man to get a firm erection and engage in regular love making. A patient may have an underlying problem which will later be cured but until then, they can depend on this medication to keep them firm whenever the need arises.

This is a drug made by Cipla. It contains the ingredient Sildenafil which has been the reason for joy among impotent men because of its amazing success in causing an erection. The medication is a vasodilator. It achieves its purpose by stopping one enzyme from working and then allowing for a muscle relaxing chemical to be released.

Men who use this medication note that they have no big complaints except for some who get minor side effects. That aside, it has proved beneficial.

effectively increases vascular circulation in impotent men to help them get an erection.

Who Should Use Silagra 100 mg?

Men unable to get a strong erection or those who have trouble sustaining it. However not everyone with ED will use this medication because some cases of ED are caused by other factors that cannot be treated using a vasodilator. This is why tests need to be carried out at times for the doctor to make certain that the treatment will work when administered. They can also find out if it will be safe for the patient and what measures can be taken to make it safe.

How Silagra 100 mg is Used?

This tablet should be swallowed before you have sex. Usually patients will strive to take it 1 hour before they get busy. The latest time you can take it before sex would be 30 minutes. This may not work for every man so 1 hour would be best. Doctors give strict instructions not to use the drug more than once a day.

After swallowing Silagra, you have to stimulate your manhood for it to get hard. Blood will only flow into the penis if you are sexually excited.

Swallow the tablet with water and do not break or smash it. Let it slowly dissolve in the stomach and let it get assimilated.

Benefits of Silagra 100 mg

Many people need to know why they should use a particular drug. With this one you probably already know a few of its benefits since you know what it does. But beyond that many men have discovered other benefits after theystarted using the medicine. Here are a few

Strong erection: You may have imagined that you would get an ordinary erection. No, the erection caused by this treatment is far from ordinary, at least not if you are already in your 40s. With the blood vessels opened up fully, the quality of erection is just like the one you used to get when you were in your early 20s. It is strong and enables better sex.

Longer sex: Although this medicine will not stop premature ejaculation, it is known to keep you stiff even after you ejaculate. This means some men can even keep on going after climaxing just so that they can please their partner. Even when you lose an erection after ejaculation, your recovery can be under 5 minutes so the game will go on.

Happy relationship: Obviously the lack of sex would strain the relationship between most couples. You however can improve that relationship by getting treatment for ED. with the return of regular passionate sessions of love making, you will draw closer to each other.

Improved self-confidence: A common occurrence after ED is that a man loses his self esteem. The feeling that you are not like other men can even result in depression. With Silagra 100 mg you can become like other men again and restore your self confidence.

Improved health: Vasodilators improve blood circulation. This can reduce blood pressure, minimize risk of stroke and ensure your penis gets the amount of blood it needs. These are just a few health benefits it will bring.

Side Effects of Silagra 100 mg

Side effects of Silagra 100 mg do not pose much of a bother. In fact, most men do not even get any. The men who may get side effects will not suffer with them since they are usually minor. The exception however is for people who may self-medicate and end up getting an overdose. That category can ger serious side effects

Minor effects

  • Headache
  • Backache
  • Flushing
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle aches
  • Running stomach
  • Light sensitivity
  • Failure to differentiate between blue and green

Serious side effects

  • Priapism 
  • Bloody urine
  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Loss of sight
  • Deafness


1- How long does the treatment last?

You need to discuss these details with your doctor. Treatment may vary from one person to the next. However, using this drug will rarely result in correction of the problem because in most cases it is a symptom of another problem. To stop using the drug, you need to be cured of ED. The condition will go once you identify what is causing it and treat or cure the problem, for example, if it is a psychological problem, you need to get psychological treatment along with this drug to get cured.

2- How safe is Silagra 100 Mg?

This drug is as safe as you make it. There are precautions you need to follow when using it and if you do not follow some of them, the drug may become a danger. For example, you shouldn’t take more than 1 dose in 24 hours. If you do, you can get serious side effects. It follows the simple principle that too much of a good thing can become bad. That said, the making of this drug and the ingredients are carefully monitored to ensure it meets safety standards. Sildenafil is also widely used safely for treatment of impotence.

3- Where can I buy Silagra 100 Mg in The USA?

Thanks to technology, you can buy this drug without stepping out of your house. Simply order it online and have it delivered promptly to you. Power Up Meds is the best online pharmacy for you to get much-needed drugs in America. We comply with all FDA regulations to ensure that the drugs provided are safe and effective. You can contact us and have any other questions you have answered before you make your order.

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