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Penegra 50 mg


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Penegra 50 mg Summary: The frustration of living life without sex can quickly be reversed by using Penegra 50 mg. This medication is one of 4 doses of Sildenafil sold under the brand name Penegra. Ultimately, urologists prescribe this medication for men with erectile dysfunction. The light pink pills are made by Zydus Cadila. Each strip of this drug contains 4 pills.

This drug and Viagra are the same only that they are different brands. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that causes vessels to dialate and blood to flow into the penis when it is time for sex.

Penegra and its other doses have been used successfully to improve the lives of men with ED. When prescribed correctly by a qualified physician and taken as prescribed, this is a safe and effective drug for impotence.

Some men may get side effects like nausea and they may turn red in the face, but these should not cause alarm.

Living in a sexless relationship can be depressing. It is even worse if the couple is itching to have sex but erectile dysfunction prevents them from getting it on. With Penegra 50 mg, you can ensure you do not have to worry about ED and its effects.

Read on to find out more about this wonderful product.


How Does it Work?

As indicated above, this drug is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. For a medical person how it works is very clear from the category it falls in. medicines like these block the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5. Even though this enzyme is needed in the body to restrict dilation of blood vessels, at times it needs to be suspended to allow the vessels to take more blood to different organs. The penis needs a large volume of blood to get erect. In men with ED however, that is not possible because the arteries have tight passages. The penis as well needs to have relaxed vessels. This medication will relax the vessels and blood will freely get into the penis once foreplay intensifies.


Dosage of Penegra 50 mg

Penegra 50 mg is a low dose of Sildenafil often prescribed when the specialist is testing a patient’s reaction to the drug. At times it is also prescribed as a step down drug from Penegra 100 mg or step up dose from Penegra 25 mg. The doctor will determine which is the best way to take this medicine and how much of it should be used to realize the best outcome.

A dose should never be changed without consulting the physician first. At times a patient may need to take the same dose 10 times before it is concluded that they should take more or less of it.

In most cases men with erectile dysfunction will only take the pill before sex. In rare instances, the doctor may recommend a daily dose.


Benefits of Penegra 50 mg

The benefits of Penegra 50 mg are the same as the benefits of being able to have sex after a long time. The gloom that once surrounded your life will quickly fade away and brighter days will begin. Here are some benefits.

Erection: The main aim of treating erectile dysfunction is to be able to get an erection. Men who have used this medication are happy with how hard they got after swallowing the drug. This happens though after arousal. The medication alone will not give you a hard on. This is a good thing because you have control over the erection.

Please Your Partner: Partners of men with ED are often sexually frustrated. This can be a big problem in a relationship and can cause break ups or cheating. But when you use Penegra 50 mg, you will get a good erection and be able to make love to your partner. This drug can get you strong for as long as 4 hours. Many men even continue enjoying sex 10 hours after swallowing the pill.

Put Your Mind at Ease: Sickness often becomes a constant worry for the ill person and even those around them. When you start using this medication, you realize there is no reason to worry. You know that just one tablet is all you need to get hard. You will be able to focus on other aspects of your life.

Improves Your Health: If you cannot get an erection despite several attempts to get aroused, it is possible that you have a health problem. HIghblood pressure is among such health complications. With this vasodilator, you can control high blood pressure and improve the performance of your heart.

Benefits of Sex: Sex has several benefits. While you are using this drug to power your sex sessions, you will enjoy several of them. Some include general happiness, improved memory, a loving relationship and your self confidence will get a major lift.


Side Effects

If you take just one tablet, there is a low chance that you will know what the side effects of the medicine are. Some men however experience minor cases of the following:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Running stomach
  • Light sensitivity
  • Hot flushes
  • Vomiting

Taking more than one pill on the other hand can increase the certainty of side effects. At times it can result in an overdose with serious symptoms such as the following.

  • Prolonged erection
  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Blood in urine
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure



Overdose: This is serious and can land you in hospital for critical care. If you experience any of the above serious side effects, you need to see the doctor promptly.

Interactions: As the health care professional prescribes the medication, they will inform you in detail about interactions and how to avoid them. They include certain medications that act in the same way as PDE-5 inhibitors. You also shouldn’t mix treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol: Limit how much alcohol you take when you are on this drug. For some patients, avoiding alcohol all together would be a good idea.

Junk Food: Fatty foods can block the absorption of Sildenafil thus delaying or preventing effects of the medicine.

Misuse: This medication is not intended for sexual adventure. If you do not have a medical condition that it will treat, do not use it.


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