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Penegra 100 mg


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Penegra 100 mg Summary: If your erection is not hard enough for penetrative sex or you do not get an erection at all, you need Penegra 100 Mg. This is a drug prescribed on a large scale by urologists to treat erectile dysfunction. Though tiny, this oval pink pill has a potent dose of Sildenafil. This is a vasodilator that causes men with ED to get an erection when stimulated.

Sildenafil is the main agent in many erectile dysfunction drugs. It is referred to in medical circles as a PDE-5 inhibitor. The FDA approved the use of these drugs for the treatment of men’s sexual dysfunction. In some cases however, it is also used to treat women’s sexual dysfunction. It is manufactured by Zydus Cadila.

When used in the right dose, this medication will stimulate blood flow to the penis and will enable a man to regain his lost manhood and salvage his relationship.


How Does Penegra 100 mg Work?

An erection occurs when blood is pumped into the penis following sexual stimulation. When a man is impotent, the blood is hindered from getting into the penis. This can be a result of old age that has caused blood vessels to narrow and harden. Penegra 100 mg can correct that temporarily so that the man can get an erection. The drug acts on an enzyme in the blood vessels so that the muscles of the vessels can relax. Creating relaxed muscles results in a smoother passage for blood. It is then up to the patient to get stimulated. When a man is sexually excited, blood flow is directed to the penis in preparation for sex and this is what causes an erection.



You need to talk to the specialist in male sexual problems to get the right dose for this drug. Some people need stronger treatment, while others need lower doses. In the event that Sildenafil 100 mg is prescribed, the dose would be one tablet taken before sex. The best time to take the medicine would be an hour before the act. It is not recommended to take more than one tablet until the same time on the next day. Since most men do not have sex everyday, they do not have to use the medicine daily.


Benefits of Penegra 100 mg

You can only experience the benefits of this drug when you start using it. Also, not just the patient enjoys the benefits. Your lover as well will be happy when you start using Penegra 100 mg. Here are some of the exciting things you can look forward to when you use the treatment.

Rejuvenated Manhood: Part of being a man is the ability to get an erection and make love to your wife. Erectile dysfunction robs you of that, but this medication will help you regain it in a short time after you start using it. This means you will enjoy sex again and all the good that comes with it.

Satisfied Partner: This is where your partner also sees the benefits of the drug. If she has been sexually starved for long, this will be the end of the drought. You will get a firm erection which you can use to satisfy her desires. You will realize that she is happier and your relationship will grow.

Combat Depression: One of the causes of depression in men is the inability to perform in the bedroom. It is frustrating and belittling and needs to be addressed ASAP. With this medication, all that causes depression will be addressed. You do not have to feel small about yourself and you can be happier in your relationship. Sex is known to relieve depression.

Better Health: There is a possibility that impotence is simply a sign of poor health. It can also occur as you age. However, when you use this medicine to treat the condition, you also improve your health. This is because it will help blood to flow better. You can avoid getting a stroke when you have good blood circulation. But, this is not a cure for whatever ailment you may have. Always seek further tests to confirm what illness you may have.

Improved Sleep: sex is known to induce sleep in several men studied. It is common for a man to fall into a deep sleep after climaxing. This medication can help you have good sex and sleep better.


Side Effects

If you get side effects after taking Pengra 100 mg, do not get scared. You can talk to your physician about them. In most cases they are not serious and will go in a few hours. You may get one or more of the following effects that are considered minor.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Running stomach
  • Light sensitivity
  • Hot flushes
  • Vomiting

In very uncommon circumstances people may develop major complications. These would need the attention of a specialist. If you have the following, break off treatment and go see the specialist.

  • Prolonged erection
  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Blood in urine
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure



You can minimize the risk of serious reactions by taking precautions when using the drug. The following are just a few key precautions. Your medical practitioner should cover all the bases with you.

Overdose: There is no wiggle room for you to determine your own dose. A physician should always be involved in setting the dose. Overdose can drop blood pressure and lead to death. You can even permanently damage your penis.

Interactions: Many drugs will interact with Penegra 100 Mg. Your patient history will determine if you should take it. If you are being treated for kidney complications, HIV, heart disease, and diabetes, your doctor will need deeper consideration of your suitability for treatment with the pill.

Alcohol: There is no safe amount of alcohol indicated for people using medication that contains Sildenafil. It is safest not to drink if you plan to take the drug. Alternatively, limit the amount and make it at least 4 hours before treatment.

Misuse: There is no benefit a healthy man would get from using this drug. Do not experiment with it. Women and Children shouldn’t take it either. 


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