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Megalis 10 mg


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Megalis 10 mg Summary: By Improving blood circulation to your penis, Megalis 10 mg can help you get a strong erection. This is the truth for millions of men with erectile dysfunction. It has been discovered that most men with this problem have restricted flow of blood into the penis.

This medication has Tadalafil which is a strong vasodilator in the group of Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. They are the first line of treatment for ED. The pill is taken orally 30 minutes before intercourse. The effects of the medication can be felt even 36 hours after you took the pill.

One thing however that should be noted about this drug is that it will not improve your interest in sex. If you simply have no interest in sex, you need a different medication.

It is also restricted for use by adult men with erectile dysfunction. This has to be diagnosed and the treatment prescribed.

In certain cases, the drug is used to control high blood pressure. Actually, PDE-5 inhibitors were originally intended for treatment of hypertension but have since been used more to treat erectile dysfunction.


How Does Megalis 10 mg Work

This tablet promotes blood circulation throughout the body. It achieves that by getting the blood vessels to dilate. This action will also get blood to flow to the penis when it is needed. The key ingredient of the drug Megalis 10 mg is Tadalafil. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor. This body chemical, PDE-5 restricts the expansion of blood vessels. This is not a bad thing in most circumstances, for example after a man climaxes, the blood vessels contract, and blood flows out of the penis. But when a man is trying to get an erection, PDE-5 needs to be suspended. That is where Tadalafil comes in. The drug will stop the enzyme from working.

The muscles in the walls of the blood vessels will then be introduced to an increased level of nitric oxide which causes them to relax. That is what is needed for the blood vessels to dilate.

This process can take 30 minutes from the time the drug is swallowed. Then, the man needs to have physical arousal of the penis to get an erection. Blood will be directed into the penis chamber once a man is in the mood for sex. The organ will expand and harden causing an erection.


How Will Megalis 10 mg Improve Your Life 

Treatment of ED using Megalis 10 mg is a life-changing decision. You have already been devastated by the embarrassment and frustration of failing to get an erection in the heat of passion. Now though, there is a way to reverse that. You can get your little soldier to stand at attention as you “take care of business.” 

Can’t you already see the prospects of a better life there? Many men profess that since they started using this medication, their lives have changed for the better. Being able to have penetrative sex comes with several benefits. There is the sheer pleasure of making love to your partner. This will make both of you happy and content.

For you, it will be a redevelopment of your self-esteem. You can walk with your head high since you know you are doing your job in the bedroom. Many men lose their self-esteem when they develop erectile dysfunction. This drug helps them get it back.

If the situation has become so bad you have developed depression, even that will be addressed when you can start having sex again. Sex has been shown to improve mood and address depression to a certain degree.

Even for your partner, the treatment will improve their life. Many partners of men with ED feel rejected and unattractive. When you start to use the medication, they may even need to turn down the attention sometimes as you try to make up for lost time.

All in all, treating any ailment will lead to a better life. No one should struggle with a problem that has a solution within reach.


Administering Megalis 10 mg

The physician may choose to have you take this tablet daily after every 24 hours. This is a treatment usually prescribed for people with very active sex lives. On the other hand, you could be advised to take it only when you intend to have sex. The first option makes it easier to have spontaneous sex since the medication will always be active. The problem is some men may have side effects whenever they use the drug and would prefer to take it less often.


Side Effects

80 percent of men on this treatment report no side effects. The remaining 20 percent have minor effects which do not cause serious disturbance. There is also the possibility that after some time you get used to the effects.

  • Migraine
  • Nausea
  • Unclear vision
  • Red-faced
  • Unsettled stomach

Drinking enough water throughout the day before you take the medication can reduce some of those effects. There are uncommon side effects that need to be known even though you are not likely to experience them. However, if they occur, your priority should be to get medical help.

  • Pain in the chest
  • Feeling faint and losing consciousness
  • Permanent erection 
  • Severe headache
  • Nose bleed

Avoid overdose and follow the guidelines provided on the prescription to avoid serious effects.


Who Should Take Megalis 10 mg? 

You have most of the information about this medication to determine whether you should consider using the medication. However, this doesn’t substitute a visit to the doctor. You should only start using Megalis 10 mg if the doctor has prescribed Tadalafil 10 mg for you.

There is more about the effects of this medication that needs to be discussed with you. For example, you may have an underlying condition that makes it unsafe for you to use the treatment. Men with deformed penises may be at risk of priapism when they use the drug. A doctor needs to see if it is safe.


Buying Megalis 10 mg

If you have confirmed your need for the drug, you now need to order it. We will make it simple for you to get your first treatment and all the refills you will need eventually. Place your order with Powerpills USA.


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