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Malegra 120 mg


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Malegra 120 mg Summary: When the urologist prescribes a stronger dose of Sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction, Malegra 120 mg is one of the options to consider. This diamond-shaped blue pill packs an extra bit of the drug and has helped several men with ED to get the perfect erection. Normally the starting dose would be 100 mg but at times it just isn’t enough and stronger but safe options like this one will work best.

Your life can be transferred to one full of passion when you start using this medication. You would just have to take it once a day before sex and you will be hard within the hour.


How Malegra 120 mg Works

This is a tiny tablet but it does a big job in the body. Its work is to improve the supply of blood to the penis and other body parts. It singles out an enzyme known as PDE-5 which it blocks to ensure that a different enzyme, cGMP will be active and cause muscle relaxation. This drug makes the muscles within blood vessels relax and that will help the vessels expand. More blood can then get through the vessels and into the penis. Blood flow to the male sex organ however is controlled by the brain. Even after the vessels dilate, blood will not immediately flow into the penis. This will happen when you are sexually excited and the brain sends signals for blood to flow into the organ causing an erection.


Use of Malegra 120 mg

Just like paracetamol is only taken when you want to deal with pain, this tablet is administered only when you need to get an erection. Usually, this dose is taken only once a day. Taking more than one tablet in 24 hours could be too much and may cause strong reactions. For best results, the tablet is swallowed with water which helps to disintegrate it. Some people choose to take the medicine without eating so that it will work faster. However, realize that sex requires energy so eating a reasonable portion of food will provide sufficient energy.

The right way to use the medicine is to consult a doctor first who will give you the best advice suited to your condition.


Why Malegra 120 mg is Good for You

Affordable: In comparison to some more pronounced brands of Sildenafil, Malegra 120 mg is affordable. You can get the same results when you use this one as you would with brands like Viagra. Remember that this treatment continues for a long time so being able to save some money is well worth it.

Easy Access: Once you have a prescription, you do not need to search far for the drug. It is available online at Powerpills USA Store. You can be sure of a refill whenever you need it and it can be delivered as soon as possible.

It works: There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of Sildenafil in treating erectile dysfunction. These studies have concluded that it is one of the best treatments. The extra dose makes it even more effective for men who may not get the quality of erection they expected with a lower dose.

Improves quality of life: What is the quality of life you have when you have untreated erectile dysfunction? That is a question that has been answered before by men with the problem. Life is miserable and many have low self-esteem. Malegra 120 mg gives you the chance to turn your life around. Become a loving husband, grow closer to your lover, and walk with your head held high because you can still get it up, get it in and make her happy.

Safety: This is a safe treatment approved by the FDA. as long as you do not self-medicate, you should be fine using the medicine.



Pay attention to the information that comes with this medication. Your physician will also give you more information about the safe use of the drug. As you continue to use the medication, you may learn more things about using it well.

Food precaution: Be careful about some of the foods you eat while on this drug. For example, grapefruit can cause an overdose of nitric oxide. Do not eat or drink it while on the medication. Fatty foods can also reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Stay away from junk food.

Alcohol Precaution: If you must drink, drink in moderation. Excessive alcohol use can cause hangovers which will make some of the side effects stronger. It also depletes the water in your system which is not good when you need blood flowing through your body.

Drug interactions: Tell the doctor what medications you are using. Some drugs are similar to sildenafil and if mixed can cause an overdose. Other medications may interact with Malegra 120 and pose a risk to your health. For example medications for hypertension should not be taken with this drug. Certain HIV drugs can prevent the medicine from working the way it should.

Overdose: Even if you find there is no improvement after you have taken the recommended dose, do not choose to take more of the medicine. Any increase in dosage should be recommended by the doctor with the caution that overdose may occur. Overdose of the drug can result in serious damage to your penis or even threaten your life.


Buy Malegra 120 mg Online

With a few simple steps, you can have Malegra 120 on its way to you wherever you may be. Online stores like these have redefined efficiency. We know it can be a bit embarrassing having to go to a pharmacy and ask for ED meds. Also, looking for a particular brand may take time and energy. When you choose to shop for this life-changing medication online, you choose the efficient and private way. You also can benefit from several discounts. Now all you have to do is present a prescription, and make the payment and we shall deliver it to you in less than 5 days. 

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