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Lodine 300 mg


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Lodine 300 mg Summary:

Lodine 300 mg is used mainly to relieve pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The drug will help to address the joint pain commonly associated with this problem and it will reduce the swelling as well. The active ingredient in this medication is etodolac. This drug is known as an extended-release tablet which means the active ingredient is released slowly into the body at a constant pace. This ensures you do not need to take a lot of tablets throughout the day.

This medication is in the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) commonly used to reduce pain, prevent stiffness and address inflammation. It is considered one of the best treatments for arthritis.

Etodolac should only be used after a doctor prescribes the medication. This is because it needs to be established if it is safe for you to use it. There is a long list of people who should not use the medication for example anyone allergic to the ingredients in the drug and people with Kidney and heart complications. A doctor can assess if the drug will be safe for you or can determine the best dose for you. 


How to use Lodine 300 mg?

This medicine is used orally. It is a tablet that you swallow whole. The best use is determined by the doctor who prescribes the drug. Doses may vary based on the age of the patient as well as other conditions they have. Sometimes a patient may be on a different drug that interacts with this one. Changing the dose can make it possible to use both drugs and rip the benefits of both treatments.

The doctor will also determine how long you should use the medication. Lodine 300 mg shouldn’t be used for so long as it can increase the risk of stroke.


Who Should use Lodine 300 mg?

This medication is best for people who suffer from arthritis pain. This drug has proved useful in controlling pain as well as reducing the swelling caused by the illness. It particularly works on the body chemicals that cause inflation. The ingredient Etodolac blocks these chemicals.

Ultimately though, it is for a physician to determine if this treatment is best for you. There are several other kinds of pain that can be treated using this medication. At the same time, a patient needs to meet the criteria for treatment. You are better off having the problem you are dealing with diagnosed before you start to use the drug. When You have a prescription for Etodolac 300 mg, then you are one of those who should use Lodine 300.


Benefits of Lodine 300 mg:

  • Pain relief: Pain from arthritis and osteoporosis can prevent you from doing even the simplest of tasks like waking and in extreme cases using your hands for any task that requires joint movement. Well, when you take this medication as directed by the doctor, you can regain the use of your limbs and not have to worry about the menacing pain that the illness causes.
  • Treats stiffness: Inflammation of the limbs and joints can make them stiff and just like pain, you may be unable to perform normal tasks. This medication will relax the joints and help you regain fluid movement of the limbs. It provides reasonable use of your limbs.
  • Manages joint aches: This medication can target the joints and provide relief from pain that affects the joints. The causes of joint pain vary, but this is a drug that will address that bothersome pain and give you comfort from such pain.
  • Extended-release: The drug offers relief from pain in a phased manner. The active ingredient is infused into the system slowly to ensure there is a constant amount of the drug in the body. This is good when dealing with arthritis since the pain flares at intervals. This drug also reduces the risk of overdose since it is not released at once into the body. It even has lower chances of side effects.
  • Affordable: When dealing with chronic problems, you need to realize that you will be spending often on medication. Finding an affordable drug that saves money, in the long run, is important. With Lodine 300 mg, you have a drug that will not get you broke over extended periods of use.


Side Effects:

It is probably not until you start using the medication that you will find out what side effects you will experience. It is not clear which kind of people get side effects, but it is a minority especially if you are on a mild dose of the medication. Some of the common side effects include feeling dizzy, having an upset stomach, and nausea.

The side effects shouldn’t cause you alarm unless they are intense. In case the side effects are intense, quickly see the doctor or report to the pharmacist.

Extended use of this medication can affect your blood pressure. Ensure you take regular checks of your BP and if it is high, tell the doctor about it.

Any kind of allergy to this medication should be taken seriously. Stop using the medication if you show symptoms of being allergic to Etodolac or any of the ingredients in the tablet.



Patients on medication are often cautioned against controlling heavy machinery. This is because some of the side effects may affect your ability to make quick decisions. Feeling dizzy or having a runny stomach may make it unwise to drive a car or operate a machine in a factory.

The use of alcohol while on this treatment is also strongly discouraged. You could cause interactions that make the side effects stronger.

Do not self-medicate with this drug. You could end up overdosing or underdosing. In some cases, you may not even benefit from using it.


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