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Kamagra Gold 50 MG


Sildenafil Citrate
  • Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma Ltd
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Men with sexual problems often get a pleasant surprise when they realize the problem can be treated. Kamagra Gold 50 Mg is among the treatments available for such men. It is common that as men get older, certain natural functions may fail and they need help. Here, we will explore how this drug helps.


What is Kamagra Gold 50 Mg?

It is a proven treatment for erectile dysfunction. This medicine has Sildenafil, a clinically tried drug that is manufactured under several names including Kamagra Gold and Viagra. The maker of this brand is Ajanta Pharma Limited. Original tablets are blue and packaged 4 in a strip.


How Does Kamagra Gold 50 Mg Work?

Sildenafil is the most common vasodilator used in the treatment of ED. Vasodilators, especially those in the PDE-5 inhibitor family are known to facilitate the smoothening of vessel muscles which promotes blood circulation. Since erections depend on the collection of blood within the penile vessel chambers, this drug is able to encourage erection since blood can easily flow into the penis when the man is put in the mood for sex.

Contrary to common belief though, the drug and others like it do not arouse a man. Arousal through touch or visual arousal is necessary for the man to get an erection after using the medicine.


How is it Used?

This is a very simple medication to use. It is administered through the mouth. Water will help it get to the stomach faster and get absorbed into the blood. The medication however is only taken as prescribed by the specialist. This means they can determine whether you should take one pill or two. But instead of taking two, you may choose to purchase the Kamagra 100 Mg pill.

Treatment with Kamagra Gold 50 mg is only done when you plan to make love. The dose is also a single dose for 24 hours. You would have to take it about an hour before you want to have an erection.

For the best results, talk to a urologist about your condition before you start to use the medicine.


Benefits of Kamagra Gold 50 mg

Documented evidence of the benefits of treating ED with Kamagra Gold 50 Mg reassures men with this problem that this is a good drug for them. It is also evident from experiences that even the partner of such a man will benefit when he uses it. If you have problems getting an erection and you choose to use this treatment, here are some of the expected benefits you will enjoy. 

Revived Love Life: You cannot have a love life without an erection. It would slowly fade. When you use Kamagra Gold 50 Mg, you can salvage that love you once shared with your partner. It may even make it stronger than it once was because some people have witnessed that the erections are stronger than before.

Better Relationships: Your relationships, not just with your partner are likely to be better. Without sex, you may be a wet blanket. You probably will be more irritable because of the reduction in happy chemicals in your brain. You are more likely to snap at people for the smallest things if you are not having regular sex. When you use this medication, however, your mood is bound to change. Endorphins are released whenever you climax. Also, you will be happy because your ED problem is no longer a problem. This means you are more likely to be cheerful and a pleasant person to be around.

Treats Depression: There is a high chance that if you are undergoing depression, it can be linked to erectile dysfunction. Many men who have to live with ED for long eventually become depressed. But, at the same time, it has also been noted that when they start taking medication like Kamagra Gold, they get better. Some men may also need psychological help to overcome the depression, but without treating ED, it may not be effective.

Promotes Healthy Life: In general, using this tablet is a good way to improve your health. Take note that ED is probably a symptom of a disease linked to poor blood circulation. If you address that, you improve blood circulation. Also, while you use this medicine, you will need to eat more healthy foods, give up smoking, exercise regularly, and have sex often. All these spell better health.


Side Effects

A small section of men on this treatment will have side effects. The Kamagra Gold 50 mg pill is actually used by men who may have had side effects while taking a higher dose. If you still get side effects, they should be ones you can deal with. They may include any of the following.


  • Flushing
  • Minor headache
  • Dyspepsia 
  • Nausea
  • Dry eyes.

These below are not so common but can occur

  • Sneezing
  • Blue vision
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches

The following are severe and would need treatment ASAP

  • Priapism
  • Loss of sight
  • Fainting
  • Blood in urine



Your safety when using this medication depends on how well you follow some of the precautions provided. These include the following:

Overdose: Never take more than what you were told to take. Severe effects will result from an overdose. You could end up permanently losing the use of your penis.

Contraindication: Do not mix this medication with Nitroglycerin, Nitroprusside, or drugs used by organ donors. Your doctor will also make you aware of other meds that may react when used along with Sildenafil

Food: Excess food, especially fatty food can slow down or hinder the effectiveness of the medication.

Alcohol: You are safer not drinking when on medication. If you really have to, do not exceed 2 glasses of wine.

Medical History: Your health provider will need to know about all the treatments you may already be undergoing and what medications you use often. This helps to determine the safest way to use the drug.

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