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Hiforce Tab100 mg

Sildenafil Citrate
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Hiforce Tab100 mg Summary: Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, can be effectively treated using Hiforce Tab 100 mg. Men across the globe with this ailment are living happy lives thanks to the discovery of Sildenafil which is the main ingredient of the medication. The drug is the standard dose of Sildenafil used in treatment of ED. It is an oral tablet that is taken just before sex and it helps to dilate the blood vessels so that blood can find its way into the penis. Men using this medicine experience several benefits which include being able to satisfy their partner, improvement of their self-esteem and they tend to live healthier lives. Despite a few side effects that some men experience, the benefits keep them coming back for the treatment. This medication can be bought online from Powerpills Store, a trusted online website with affordable medication. 


How to Use Hiforce Tab 100 mg?

Take this tablet as a whole with water. The medication is an on-demand treatment so no reason to take it regularly if you will not be having sex regularly. The health care provider will let you know how many tablets you should take, although in most cases just one tablet is safe and effective. In case of any complications, the doctor needs to be contacted as soon as possible. The drug should never be used without a prescription since a doctor needs to determine how safe it is for you to use the medication since some people may have ailments that make it unsafe to take the drug. For example, men with pre existing heart complications should not use Hiforce Tab 100 mg. The risk of overdose is high when you self-medicate so only use the medicine as instructed by the doctor.


How Hiforce Tab 100 mg Works

When swallowed, the tablet will slowly disintegrate in the stomach. It is absorbed into the bloodstream where it will find its way into the walls of blood vessels. This is where it does its work to help an impotent man get an erection. Hiforce Tab 100 mg is a vasodilator also referred to as a PDE-5 inhibitor. It particularly affects the enzyme PDE-5. By stopping the action of this enzyme, the drug allows for the production of nitric oxide. This is a necessary chemical for the relaxation of blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels are like wider water pipes, they allow more fluid through. In this case, the fluid is blood.

When a man is put in the mood for sex after taking this drug, there is an increased flow of blood into the penis and this is what will cause a strong erection.

It takes the drug 1 hour to start working effectively and from that time, it keeps on getting stronger with its peak after 4 hours. After 4 hours, it will start to weaken but still, a man will get an erection and enjoy sex for 6 more hours. This medicine remains traceable in the blood for 24 hours.


Benefits of Hiforce Tab 100 mg

Strong erection: The first benefit you will realize is that your erection will be stronger than before. Many specialists will compare the quality of the erection a man on this medication will get to that of a 21-year-old. The increased amount of blood collecting in the penis makes it harder and that makes sex more enjoyable.

Happiness: You will obviously be much happier when you realize you can get an erection again and it will be stronger than ever. You will also be happy because sex will feel even better. Strong erections increase pleasure and make it possible to enjoy different positions.

Self-esteem: Men attach a lot of importance to their ability to get hard and please their partner. You will be able to do that and maybe more. This will give you a reason to have a spring in your step. Many men with erectile dysfunction end up losing self-confidence but when they discover Hiforce Tab 100 mg, they are transformed into confident and happy men.

Better relationship: Of course, your relationship will suffer if you are unable to make love to your wife or girlfriend. You may find that the two of you draw apart or you constantly have arguments and fights. This is common in relationships plagued by ED. When treatment is administered, however, you will notice things changing. You are going to become closer to your partner and the things you fought about may seem silly now that you are able to have sex. This drug can transform lives.

Healthy life: Being able to have sex and having it regularly can make you healthier. Start with the fact that the penis needs to receive blood and it does that only when you get an erection. Also, sex can improve your immunity and help exercise your heart. Sex will also help you have better sleep. It relaxes the mind and lets you fall into deep sleep.


Side Effects

When Using Hiforce Tab 100 mg, you could experience hot flashes and dizzy spells. These are the most common side effects. In most cases, however, they are experienced just when you have started using the medication. Eventually, you do not have side effects to worry about. However, individuals vary. Some men may also experience headache, nausea, aching joints, and back along with indigestion. Others yet may have absolutely no side effects. The physician will go into detail with you about the side effects and what you can do.



This may cause severe side effects. Some men, especially elderly men may forget that they already took the drug and take a second dose. That can cause serious complications. You could end up with an erection that persists beyond 4 hours. It can also cause partial deafness or blindness. Get to a medical facility as soon as possible if you have overdosed.


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