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Fildena Strong 120 MG


Sildenafil Citrate 120Mg
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Even after old age has taken its toll on your manhood, you can enjoy a satisfying sex life. The wonder pill Fildena Strong 120 mg will see you through erectile dysfunction. Many men who could not get stiff are now enjoying sex with their partners thanks to this pill.


What is Fildena Strong 120 mg?

Fildena Strong 120 mg is a pill with added amounts of Sildenafil. This is a compound that stimulates body function to make it possible for impotent men to have sex like they once did. The pill is made by Fortune Healthcare.

It comes in an enticing red box and the pills are small, red, and shaped like a heart. You would hardly think they are medication for a condition some men find embarrassing. 


How Does Fildena Strong 120 mg Work?

The working of Fildena Strong 120 mg is based on the strength of Sildenafil. This treatment is intended to produce results for men who may have tried lower doses of Fildena and still found it wanting. 

Generally, treatment with Sildenafil depends on its ability to get blood to free flow to different parts of the body. This compound acts on the body’s chemical necessary for vessel constriction. That chemical is called phosphodiesterase. Sildenafil slows down and eventually inhibits its action. The result is relaxed blood vessels.

When a man is put into the mood for sex, blood will infuse the penis vessels resulting in an erection.

This happens anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after the pill has been swallowed. There are some cases where the extra dose can cause a reaction in less than 30 minutes.



Your dosage should be determined by a trained professional after tests have been carried out. Before you can take the 120 Mg pill, it should be established that the lower doses were not successful. In most instances, you need to take a single pill before you have sex. One pill can support erection for 6 hours.

This is an orally administered drug and you should use water when swallowing. 



Treatment with Fildena Strong 120 mg will give you different rewards. Some are physical, others are emotional and there are aspects of your life like relationships and profession that can benefit from the therapy. Here they are:


Strong Erection: Taking higher doses of Sildenafil is associated with stronger erections. As you know, a strong erection will increase your and your partner’s enjoyment of sex. It is possible that because of age, you have progressively experienced weakening of your hard-on. This treatment will reset your penis to the days when you were younger.

Better Mental Health: Impotence puts a strain on a man’s emotions. At times even his partner may be affected. The man will feel less masculine, harbor resentment against the partner, may develop unfounded suspicion that the partner is cheating, and the worst is depression. Treatment with this medicine will gradually erase all the mental troubles. At times it may be effective in combination with counseling. Bottom line, when you are back on the saddle having sex like you were 20 again, your mental troubles will begin to fade.

Mended Relationship: A combination of suspicion, depression, and lack of intimacy puts a strain on relationships. The best way to go back to the way things were is by returning what has gone missing. Fildena Strong 120 mg can bring back the sex to your relationship. It may also be necessary to communicate how you feel. In the end, the more intimacy you share, the closer you get and it is easier to forgive and forget. 

Sex Clears Your Mind: You might return home tired and stressed but with a lot of decisions to make. At times, all you need is to have good relaxing sex to feel better and think better. A pop of the pill will give you the ability to have sex and relax.

Better Performance at Work: Erectile dysfunction affects your professional performance. Often, depression as a result of the condition drains your energy and affects self-confidence. This shows in your work. If you treat the source of the woes, you will find even your professional performance improves. Do not be surprised if you get that promotion you have been longing for.


Side Effects

Administration of higher doses of sildenafil will increase the chances of side effects. Normally though, these effects shouldn’t concern you. Some men do not even notice that as they are having sex, the side effects have disappeared. In controlled tests, about 63 percent of subjects who used more than 100 milligrams of Sildenafil presented one or more of these symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Light sensitivity
  • Cloudy vision
  • Wooziness 
  • Loose stool
  • Heat flush
  • Stuffy nose

If you administer this treatment without medical advice, you may end up taking more than your body should be exposed to. This can result in the following serious effects. 

  • Palpitations
  • Bleeding nose
  • Continues erection longer than 6 hours
  • Low blood pressure
  • Painful erection

Do not waste time if these occur, let the medical personnel attend to you ASAP. 



You are advised to swallow only one Fildena Strong 120 mg tablet every 24 hours. Taking 2 or more will result in overdose and life-threatening conditions. Adhere to prescribed instructions. 



Even if this is a safe treatment, the user still has some responsibilities to ensure nothing goes wrong as they use it. Follow these safeguards to ensure your safety:


Communicate With the Professional: Your doctor needs to know your medical history. Communicate this to them openly. Some conditions or medications you might be taking can react with Sildenafil. For example, medication for liver disease should not be mixed with Fildena.


No Alcohol: Do not drink alcohol especially a few hours before or after you have taken this treatment.


Avoid Nitrates: There is a lot of caution about taking nitrates as you undergo treatment. Reactions can be severe. 


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