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Fildena 100 MG


Sildenafil Citrate
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You can totally satisfy your partner even when you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. This pill, Fildena 100 Mg, is a promise of harder and satisfying erections every time. What’s more, it will not cost you an arm and a leg.


What is Fildena 100 Mg

It is the answer to the problem of erectile dysfunction that seems to plague men of different age groups. This is an oral treatment that simply needs to be used once a day when you intend to get naughty. Fildena contains a potent PDE5 inhibitor known as Sildenafil. Taken in the right amount, it helps men have normal penetrative sex whenever they use it.

The drug is however only for medical purposes and can only be taken after it is prescribed by a medical doctor.


Who is Fildena 100 Mg for?

The primary recipients of this treatment are men from 18 years onwards who have problems getting or keeping a hard penis during intercourse. Such people though have to be properly examined to ascertain if the kind of ED they have can be treated using the drug. The patient’s general health should also be examined to see if they can safely use the medicine.


 How Fildena 100 Mg Works

The main property of this drug that makes it effective in treating ED is its vasodilation property. The drug works on enzymes within the walls of blood vessels. It stops the action of PDE5 and that allows the production of nitric oxide. This allows the walls of the vessels to smoothen out and relax. Blood can flow into organs like the penis when this occurs. Blood however only flows into the organ when it is needed. This means a man needs to be thinking of sex or engaging in foreplay for the member to get filled with blood. After a man climaxes though, the blood will flow out until he is ready to go again. This medication makes the entire process seem just as natural as it is for a healthy man. 


How is Fildena 100 Used?

A single pill of the drug is swallowed whole. 100 Mg is considered a complete dose for the day. The patient is encouraged to take the medicine at least 1 hour before sex. This gives it enough time to act. Although the drug can be taken after eating food, it is advisable not to eat too much since food can reduce the absorption rate. Faster results are seen on an empty stomach although you may need energy for the activity you intend to engage in.



When you start treatment with this medicine, you are assured of advantages. Note that it is a drug that helps you have sex like a normal man. Sex itself has a number of advantages so you also enjoy the advantages of sex.

Quick erection: After swallowing Fildena 100 Mg, you will not wait too long before rigidity is possible. Some men are ready for takeoff in just 30 minutes while the majority will get there between 30 and 60 minutes. Your partner may even hardly notice that you are using meds.

Harder erection: This pill improves the blood supply to the penis. This is necessary for firmer and longer-lasting erections. That makes it easier to have enjoyable sex for both of you. For some men, it even seems as if their member has increased in size which gives them psychological enjoyment as well.

Improved confidence: Some impotent men lose their confidence to the extent that they get depressed. The best medicine for that is for them to regain their manhood. That is exactly what this drug helps them achieve.

Better health: There are different ways in which health improves after taking this medication. First of all, there is a better flow of blood through the body. It can also regulate blood pressure which is usually associated with ED. also, having regular sex ensures regular blood supply to the penis. It also improves mood and immunity.

Saves relationships: Is your relationship collapsing because of the regular disappointing nights in the bedroom? Many couples have reported that ED puts a strain on the relationship. This can be fixed the day you start using the drug. You can enjoy a healthy sexual relationship which also brings you closer as a couple. 


Getting the Best of Fildena 100 Mg

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this medication, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines. Start by having a session with the doctor who will determine what will work best for you.

You will also need to improve your lifestyle. Exercise more and eat healthy foods. This will get blood flowing better.

Avoid party drugs, tobacco and regulate your use of alcohol. 

When you have just started taking the drug, ensure you keep the doctor informed about any abnormal occurrences.


Side Effects 

For most men, the chances of experiencing side effects are minimal when on this dose of Fildena 100. However, men over 70 years old may still experience mild effects. It could be one or a few of the following.

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Headache
  • Heat flashes
  • The face could turn red
  • Backache
  • Muscle pain

Those side effects shouldn’t cause worry. With time they subside. However, if any of the following occur, urgent attention should be given to the patient.

  • The penis spends more than 4 hours straight erect
  • They lose consciousness
  • The heartbeat gets irregular
  • Blood pressure drops 
  • Experience allergic reaction
  • You cannot see in one r both of your eyes
  • You experience hearing loss


Buy Fildena 100 Mg Online

Have you completed consultation with your doctor? Or maybe you would want to talk to our in-house specialist? It is important that a specialist is involved before you buy this treatment online. We would love to sell it to you but your safety comes first. Once you have a prescription, the rest is very simple. Just make the order and we will pack it and have it shipped to you. We observe utmost privacy so that only you know what you are receiving.


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