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Filagra 100 mg


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Filagra 100 mg Summary: Are you desperate to find a solution to your inability to get a hard erection? Try Filagra 100 mg. Urologists around the world recommend drugs like this one to handle problems with erectile dysfunction. This medication contains Sildenafil in what is considered an optimum dose. The small blue pills look a lot like Viagra and work in the same way. The fact is that they are the same drug with different names. They belong to the phosphodiesterase Type 5 inhibitor family. And both contain Sildenafil.

This medication just needs to be swallowed before sex and by the time you are having foreplay, it should be active and able to give you a strong hard-on. At times it is confused with Filagra 100 (pink) however the pink one is intended for women. It is necessary to always make sure you are using the correct medication. Confirm with your physician before you begin using any medication.


When is Filagra 100 mg Used?

When it has been medically confirmed that a man has erectile dysfunction, then this would be the first course of treatment. Use of this drug depends on more than failing to get an erection on a few occasions. Erectile dysfunction is a constant occurrence that will prevent a man from getting hard or from remaining hard long enough to complete the sexual act. Usually, a doctor uses a combination of questions, examination, and at times tests to diagnose the problem and recommend the treatment. 100 mg of Sildenafil is at times the first recommendation but at times a doctor may start with half the dose and then step it up to 100 mg. It depends on the physician to determine when it is appropriate for a patient to use the medication. There have been some cases of erectile dysfunction that do not respond to the treatment, for example, people with diabetes who have experienced nerve damage that causes ED.


How Filagra 100 mg Works

To understand how it works, you need to know what it is. This drug is a vasodilator. Therefore, it works by causing blood vessels to dilate. This action enables more blood to get into the penis. Blood trapped in the penis is what causes it to harden and raise up. Sildenafil acts particularly on the enzyme PDE-5 to cause vasodilation. It inhibits the enzyme and promotes the production of nitric oxide which is needed to relax muscles in blood vessel walls. The medication on its own however will not cause an erection. A man needs to be physically stimulated. This could be by rubbing the sexual organ or engaging in foreplay.


How to Use Filagra 100 mg

You will use the drug according to the doctor’s guidance. This medication may be used in different ways depending on what the doctor believes will be most effective and safe. Some men may be asked to take it as a daily dose, although this is not very common. In most cases, patients use it only before they have sex. One pill should be swallowed at least 30 minutes before intimacy. It does not have to be readministered every time you climax. In fact, one tablet is all you need for 24 hours. The tablet must be taken with water and certain foods and fluids should be avoided to ensure its efficacy and safety.


Advantages of Filagra 100 mg

Easy to use: First of all, you will be happy to know that there is no complication involved in this treatment. The method of administering the drug is simple. Just take it out of the strip and swallow it with water. Within 30 to 60 seconds you should be able to get intimate and your penis will get hard. This is far simpler than going on a diet or having an operation. What’s more, it offers same-day results.

Safe drug: Filagra 100 contains Sildenafil which is the same drug found in Viagra. This medication has undergone several tests to prove its safety. The FDA has approved the use of Sildenafil for safe treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as pulmonary hypertension.

Good for your mental health: This drug may not directly improve your mental state, but, because it can treat erectile dysfunction which often causes depression, we can safely say that it will improve your mental health. Many men are given a boost to their ego by the fact that they can get hard again and they can satisfy their partner.

Better relationship: Whether you are married or dating someone, sex plays a big part in that relationship. Before treatment, you may feel your partner is distant or you might be suspicious that they are cheating on you because you are not satisfying them sexually. This will put a strain on the relationship. In contrast, when you start using this drug, you will freely make love to your partner and you will notice that you become closer and happier.

Good for penile health: Your penis can be healthier if it can get erect often. This muscle just like any other needs to be exercised. Erections are the exercise they need along with sex. It may also come as a surprise to you that you need to get regular morning wood to ensure sufficient blood supply to that tool between your legs. This medicine takes care of that for you.


Side Effects

There is hardly any medication that will come without side effects. Your body may react in a certain way to the drug. With Filagra 100 mg, you will find that the dilation of the vessels can cause the face to turn red. You could also feel dizzy since blood pressure to the brain will drop as a result of relaxed vessels. Some people experience headaches after taking the medication. There are some reports of nausea and unsettled stomachs. 

You may also never experience any side effects. However, talk to the physician about any unease you experience after taking the drug.


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