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Femalegra 100 MG


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Women who fail to get fully aroused can counter that problem using Femalegra 100 Mg. A sizeable number of women find trouble getting fully lubricated and sex can be painful and unsatisfactory. Now there is a solution to the problem and it is nothing complicated. Here, you will find important information about this treatment. 


What is Femalegra 100 Mg

This is a specially made drug similar to Viagra but intended for women. The main ingredient in the medication is Sildenafil but the drug is slightly altered to care for the sexual needs of women. This medicine comes as a pink diamond-shaped tablet and they are 4 in a strip. The main function of this medication is to get blood flowing into the female genital area. This results in increased stimulation and sensitivity in that area.


Who Should use Femalegra 100 Mg

This drug is intended for women with sexual dysfunction. There are four categories of women who can benefit from the medication. These are:

Women with arousal difficulty: These women may be interested in having sex and even get involved in sensual activity but they are unable to get fully aroused. This could mean they fail to get wet and they do not feel the pleasurable sensation.

Lack of sexual desire: Some women may simply have no interest in sex. They live normal lives but never feel the urge to get intimate.

Painful sex: For some women, despite getting aroused and having the desire to have sex, sex ends up being painful. It can be because they do not get lubricated.

Failure to orgasm: Women who despite the best efforts to climax never get there, can benefit from using this drug.


How Femalegra 100 Mg Works

This medication contains Sildenafil which is known to promote increased blood circulation, especially in the genital area. When you swallow the medication, it will inhibit the action of a hormone known as PDE-5. The result is widening of blood vessels. Note that the female genital area contains several blood vessels and capillaries. Blood will then flow into the genitalia area, filling up the clitoris and other sensual areas around the vagina. This triggers production of lubrication fluid as well as increases the sensitivity of the sexual organ. You will then feel more aroused and sex will be very exciting. The nerve endings also get more stimulated during sexual intercourse and that can promote orgasm.


How to use Femalegra 100 Mg

The physician should explain to you the entire procedure. Use of the medication is best when you follow the doctor’s instructions. Basic information about use however includes: 

  • You will have to take the pill orally using water
  • The pill needs to be swallowed at least an hour before sex
  • Do not take over one tablet a day
  • In case of any complications, contact the doctor


Benefits of Femalegra 100 Mg

Sex should be enjoyable for both the man and the woman. There are several benefits of having satisfactory sex and once you start using this medication, you will enjoy those benefits. You obviously can already think of some of the benefits, but for reassurance that you are on the right track, here are key benefits to look forward to when you begin using the drug.

Increased arousal: The medication will increase your arousal levels. Every touch and thrust will feel pleasurable. Your partner will also be excited by the response you have when they attempt to get you in the mood. This will make for a better sexual experience.

Increased lubrication: If sex has been painful for you, the problem could be the absence of lubrication. With Femalegra 100 Mg, you will experience increased lubrication. Sometimes even before your partner has put you in the mood, you will already be wet. This makes penetrative sex enjoyable for you and your partner.

Creates desire: For women who do not have interest in sex, that condition is likely to change. With your clitoris filled with blood and your vagina lubricated, sex will be something you long for. Your body’s primal desires will take over and you will want to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Improved orgasm: The medication will make your body more sensitive to touch and responsive to penetrative sex. The chances of reaching orgasm every time you have sex are much higher when you take this medication. You are likely to have the best sex of your life every time you take this drug.

Improved relationship: Sexual dysfunction can leave your partner frustrated and doubting their own ability to please you. Your relationship will suffer strain. You can strengthen your relationship by using this medication whenever you have sex. Sex will be satisfying for you and your initiation of the act will convince your partner that you desire him.

Happier life: When you replace painful sex with pleasurable and satisfying lovemaking, you are going to be happier. It also helps that your relationship will be great. Sex in general is known to make people happy especially when they are able to enjoy it and climax. 


Side Effects

These can happen after you take the medication but usually they do not pose a big threat. Side effects of Femalegra 100 are minor except for cases of overdose. They include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Migraine
  • Back pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Red face and hot flashes

If you overdose, you may experience the following effects that need emergency treatment

  • Fainting
  • Partial blindness
  • Dangerous drop in blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Trouble breathing


Before you start using this medication, make sure it is safe for you to do so. Pregnant women should not use the medication. There are also certain medical conditions that may make it unsafe to use the medication. You need to talk with a medical practitioner and give them your entire medical history. It is also necessary for you to know that this treatment is off-label. 


Buy Femalegra 100 Online

You will have a hard time finding this medication in ordinary pharmacies. We save you the running around by providing it online. All you have to do is be a bit patient after you make your order. We make every effort to deliver the product within the shortest time possible. Order today and prepare to have the greatest sex ever. You may also try this one.



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