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Duratia 90 mg


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If a man chronically ejaculates within less than a minute after penetration, he needs to consider using Duratia 90 mg. Grunted, many men from time to time may put up a one-minute performance, but if it is a regular occurrence, there is a definite need for treatment and this is the treatment they should consider.

What is Duratia 90 Mg?

It is one of the strongest medications used to treat premature ejaculation. Duratia 90 contains Dapoxetine, a known antidepressant that was first commonly sold as Priligy. These small tablets of Duratia contain 90 mg of Dapoxetine and are only used when a doctor confirms that a patient needs a strong dose of the medication.

This drug helps to delay the duration of sexual intercourse by preventing orgasm for a few minutes longer.

How Does Duratia 90 Mg Work?

Ejaculation is controlled mainly by the brain and it uses messengers called neurotransmitters. When the message to the muscles is sent too early in the game, ejaculation occurs prematurely. That is where Duratia 90 Mg comes in. This drug is an SSRI or in full, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that sends the message to ejaculate. When a man takes this medication, it will create a temporary dam for only serotonin. This causes a buildup in the brain chemical while the man is enjoying penetration for a reasonably long time. Eventually, the temporary dam is opened and ejaculation will occur.

Dapoxetine is unique when compared with other antidepressants. It acts for a short time and that is why it is not used to treat depression. However, that same disadvantage it has in treating depression makes it an advantage in the treatment of PE.

Who is Duratia 90 Mg for?

A doctor will recommend this drug for men who have repeatedly failed to control ejaculation beyond one minute. But even before they start to use this treatment, a lower dose of the drug will be recommended. 90 mg may be too strong to begin treatment with. There are lower doses like Duratia 30 mg which can help determine a patient’s reaction to the drug.

Benefits of Duratia 90 Mg

This medication has been an aid for many men to enjoy sex and transform their lives. The advantages of using it revolve around the benefits of sex. 

Longer love-making: As much as climaxing is something everyone enjoys, you need to be able to enjoy the intimacy that comes from the buildup to that climax. For men with premature ejaculation and their partners, this doesn’t happen. However, when they use this medication, they can go on for longer than they usually do. This makes sex more satisfying.

Self-esteem: Premature ejaculation can turn a man into a joke. This is not good for his self-esteem. The wise way to boost that self-esteem is to treat premature ejaculation. With Duratia 90 Mg, treatment is effective and eventually, the man can feel much better about himself. Self-esteem is also the driving force behind many men’s achievements.

Satisfaction: A woman will need more time to gain sexual satisfaction than a man. Obviously, a man with PE cannot satisfy his partner. It will require the use of this medication to give the woman the orgasm she is craving. Duratia may require 15 minutes of foreplay and actual sex for your partner to get satisfied. It is possible to do that when you use this drug.

Avoid breakup: If your partner is not getting the satisfaction she desires, there is a possibility that she could call it quits on the relationship. You do not want that to happen, do you? Solve the problem as fast as possible by seeking treatment with this medication. Many couples have renewed their love after the man used this treatment.

Safety: Safety is a big concern when people seek remedies for different conditions. When you use Duratia the right way, there is no cause for concern. This is a simple and safe treatment. When compared to some of the concoctions you may come across when seeking treatment, this is one you can trust.

Side effects

Side effects of Duratia 90 mg are not a big problem for most of its users. This is because most men do not experience them and for those who do, they are not serious. At times though prolonged use may result in unpleasant effects that doctors know how to control. Some of the side effects include:

  • After using the drug for long, some men have a lower libido
  • Minor cases of insomnia have been reported because of the strong dose
  • Headaches may also occur
  • Antidepressants are known to cause lightheadedness
  • You could feel hot and sweat a lot

Side effects can be controlled. You should have a talk with the physician about any side effects that you experience.


Duratia 90 mg is a strong drug that should only be used by men who have the approval from a physician. Some men may be allergic to compounds in the drug while others may be on certain drugs that interact with Dapoxetine. These are some of the things specialists try to find out before they administer the treatment.

There is also information provided by the manufacturer which should not be ignored. If you are the kind of person who never pays attention to the operating manual, well this is not a machine. Read about the drug before you begin using it. Make it a practice to lead the leaflets that come with every drug to ensure safe and effective use.

Buy Duratia 90 Mg Online

Get ready to impress your lover with longer sex sessions. You can do that by ordering this drug from our online pharmacy. We also have lower doses in case that is what the doctor recommends. We however advocate for the responsible use of this medication. Do not use the information provided here as a free pass to use the drug without consulting a doctor and securing a prescription.



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