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Duratia 60 Mg


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A man needs to keep going for at least 5 minutes before ejaculation. Grunted, sometimes this may be impossible and you may climax faster. You can get a pass on that one or two times but if you consistently climax too early in the game, you need help. Lucky for you, there is a quick and easy solution in Duratia 60 Mg.


What is Duratia 60 Mg?

If that sounds foreign to you, it is no surprise, not many men know about this fantastic medication and that is why they continue struggling with premature ejaculation. This drug is what will help you switch from running 100 meters in a marathon race.

This drug is also known as Dapoxetine. Duratia is simply the brand name. It is a known antidepressant that was discovered to aid in delaying climax time in men.


How Does Duratia 60 Mg Work?

You probably are perplexed that an antidepressant is being fronted as a treatment for a problem you have “down there.” Take it easy, this is not some scam. The problem of premature ejaculation is actually all in your mind.

The ability to climax is controlled by your brain. When you experience extreme pleasure, your brain will send a message to your organ and that will result in ejaculation. Sometimes this message is sent too early and that is what will cause premature ejaculation.

Now that we have established how the body works, let us talk about Duratia 60 Mg. This is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) which means it blocks the uptake of serotonin. The hormone serotonin is a pleasure hormone and when it builds up, it causes ejaculation. This medication blocks the uptake of serotonin long enough for you to enjoy lovemaking before you climax.

This drug can delay ejaculation for as long as 30 minutes. The more times you use it, the longer the effect lasts.


Who is Duratia 60 Mg for?

This drug is for any man who is unable to control ejaculation long enough to satisfy their partner. If you constantly climax after just a few pumps, then you need to consider using the medication.

However, your use of the medication should be supervised by a trained medical person. There are certain conditions that need to be confirmed before you can use it. They would also need to know which other drugs you may be using to avoid interaction.


Benefits of Duratia 60 Mg

Several men have had to deal with premature ejaculation and their choice for treatment was this drug. The results have been positive and you too can experience such positive results. These benefits include:

Longer love-making: No one would be happy if their love-making session was shorter than a chicken. Sex is an activity you need to enjoy for a reasonable amount of time. This drug will help you do exactly that. There are many benefits that result from being able to go for longer.

Self-esteem: Any man who climaxes after just a few pumps is likely to be the subject of many jokes. This can affect your self-esteem. Some men may even fear talking to women because of their problem. With this drug, you will have the confidence that you can represent for a bit longer. Self-esteem is a man’s asset and he should always have it. This is the solution to your self-esteem problem.

Satisfaction: Your partner needs you to last longer for them to get satisfied. Just as you climax and enjoy it, they need a chance to do the same. You can ensure that you keep going until they orgasm by using this medication. Your relationship too depends on the satisfaction you provide.

Avoid breakup: Yes, relationships can come to an end because of premature ejaculation. It is a frustrating condition for both involved. Eventually, your partner may consider getting satisfaction elsewhere. You can prevent that from happening by using this medicine and lasting longer.

Safety: When you consider some of the solutions presented online and compare them to this one, you have the safest option in Duratia 60 Mg. The oral pill does not pose any health risk to the majority of men who use it.


Side effects

You may experience a few side effects when you take this medication. For most men, however, there are very few side effects associated with short-term use of the medication as directed by your physician. When the side effects occur, they are not critical and eventually subside. These side effects include:

  • Some men report having a lower libido after extensive use of the drug
  • You may take a bit longer to fall asleep after using the medication
  • There are cases of headache but it doesn’t last long
  • It is possible to feel dizzy as a result of using the medicine.

Talk to your physician and read the product leaflet to get detailed information about side effects. You should also let the doctor know if you experience something out of the ordinary after taking the drug.



Not every man should use this medication. If you do not have premature ejaculation, it is not a good idea to take the drug. At the same time, even some men with premature ejaculation are advised not to take the drug. For example, if you are using antidepressants, it is not a good idea to mix them with this drug. An overdose can occur. 

If you have allergies to certain medications, you should discuss with the doctor before you start using this one. Dapoxetine allergies can be dangerous.

Bottom line, find out from a trained professional if it is safe for you to use the medication.


Buy Duratia 60 Mg Online

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