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Cobra 120 mg

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Cobra 120 mg Summary: You can have your penis as agile as a cobra when you use Cobra 120 mg. This generic viagra is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The key component of the drug is Sildenafil which acts as a vasodilator. This oral medication can power 6 hours of steamy lovemaking and for some men even longer. Studies show that men with erectile dysfunction gain a lot by using this treatment. The quality of their life is improved when they started using this medicine. Even couples who were considering separation can salvage their relationship thanks to the power of Cobra. 

This medicine is easy to administer and has a high success rate. However, you are advised to only use it after talking to a physician about your problem. This drug is safe as long as it is used correctly. Consultation will guide you on the correct use of the treatment.


Who Should Use Cobra 120 mg?

This is therapy intended specifically for men with erectile dysfunction. To be clear on that, it is for men who consistently fail to get an erection or they get one but it is not strong enough for penetration. Such men can be diagnosed by a urologist and if it is judged that they need the drug, it will be prescribed. Sildenafil is used in treatment of other ailments, but this dose is designed especially for erectile dysfunction.


How it is Used

A single pill is usually taken as directed by the doctor. Most of the time, the best use is one hour before sex. The drug doesn’t have to be used every day unless that is how frequently you have sex. After a dose, the next dose shouldn’t be taken in less than 24 hours. This oral pill needs to be swallowed with water. Most foods except junk food is okay to eat in moderation before taking the drug. However, best results are observed if the meal is not so close to the time you take the medicine. It should be stressed however that no one should start using this drug without consulting a doctor. The doctor will let you know the best way you can use it for best results and safety.


How Cobra 120 mg Works

The erection science is simple, when a man is in the mood for sex, blood will flow into the penis and the organ will rise and expand till it reaches full capacity. This action fails in impotent men when the blood vessels fail to expand and let enough blood flow into the penis. Cobra 120 Mg is a vasodilator, so it works by getting the vessels to dilate. The details of this involve acting on an enzyme within the walls of these vessels and then getting the body to produce nitric oxide which relaxes muscles in the blood vessels. Once they relax, the vessels will expand. Sexual stimulation of a man who has taken this medication an hour ago will result in blood flowing into the penis as it is supposed to. An erection will be possible and it will be sustained until climax.


Benefits of Cobra 120 mg

This is a welcome addition to the fight against erectile dysfunction. Many impotent men have seen a change in their life and they have a reason to smile about it. When choosing to use this treatment, you can gain further confidence that it is the right move by considering the following benefits:

Better sex: After struggling to get an erection and ending up frustrated at every attempt to have sex, this drug will bring a satisfactory experience for both the patient and his partner. Your penis will be able to reach full capacity, which means it will be harder for longer and that is very important for good penetrative intercourse. 

Quick reaction: You can get an erection reasonably fast after taking this treatment. Many men using it report that they get hard within 30 minutes. But, the best results are after an hour and the drug reaches its peak within 4 hours. This is faster than alternatives which may require days to see progress in the treatment.

Good for your ego: If you have been feeling embarrassed about the condition you have, this is the remedy for that. When you take this drug and start performing in the bedroom like you used to or even better, you will feel good about yourself. Naturally, men feel that their manhood is what makes them a man so when it is strong and hard, you will have an ego boost.

Breathe life into your relationship: A sexless relationship is probably on its deathbed. Your partner must be frustrated and you probably suspect they are getting love somewhere else. Stop all the suspicion and begin a healthy relationship back.

Live a healthy life: A healthy life means you have your organs working properly. This includes your “little cobra”. This medication helps you provide the needed blood supply it requires. All organs need oxygenated blood supply. The penis only gets this when you get an erection. So if you have erectile dysfunction, the organ is being deprived of blood and will be unhealthy. Use this drug to rectify that.


Possible Side Effects 

Although it is said that most people do not experience side effects of this medication, you need to know the side effects in case you are the minority who does. These side effects are not serious though. They may last 4 hours but will not stop you from enjoying lovemaking. They include nausea, dizziness, headache, the face may turn red, you might have a stuffy nose and some people get back pain.

Talk to your physician about side effects and they will assure you about your safety.



This medication should only be used as directed by a medical person. Do not increase the dosage without consulting the specialist. Overdose comes with serious effects which include an erection that cannot go down. You would need emergency treatment.


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