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Cenforce 50 MG


Sildenafil Tablets
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Before you buy Cenforce 50 Mg, you need to know more about it and what to expect when you use it. Used in the right way, it is safe and effective.

It may be small and look like a mild drug, but this pill can make a world of difference in a man’s life. Men who can no longer have sex because they cannot get an erection strong enough to support penetrative sex depend on this medication to treat the condition. The result of the treatment is impressive not just for such men, but their lovers as well.

Cenforce 50 Mg can be the difference between being the subject of gossip and being praised for your performance between the sheets. A happy relationship and renewed confidence can be some of the rewards of using the drug.


What is Cenforce 50 Mg?

This is branded Sildenafil that comes in a mild dose. Sildenafil is a generic name for the drug commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. In other cases, sildenafil is referred to as Viagra because it was the first brand to use this ingredient in medication for erectile dysfunction. Based on its action, Cenforce is a vasodilator. Through dilation of the vessels, it achieves unrestricted blood flow to the penis during arousal. The tablet is used at times to manage hypertension, although it may not be the first choice when treating hypertension.


How is Cenforce 50 MG Used? 

Using the medication is as easy as administering medication for headache. The tablet is swallowed and it will do its job once dissolved into the system. The treatment with the drug doesn’t have to be daily unless you intend to have sex every day. Because it needs time to dissolve and get absorbed into the system. Specialists advise that it is taken 60 minutes before penetration.

The next dose is not taken until 24 hours elapse. This means, that even if the medication loses strength after some hours, you shouldn’t take another dose until the 24 hours are up.

Sometimes though, a urologist may choose to use the medication differently. This is not a cause for alarm because they have the ability to figure out what would be effective and safe for you.


Does Cenforce 50 Mg Work?

Sildenafil is approved and promoted by the NDA as safe and effective in the treatment of ED. For a drug to get such approval, clinical studies have to be carried out. The studies that were done on Sildenafil indicate that Cenforce 50 is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, you should understand that some people require stronger doses than this. When beginning treatment a doctor may recommend this dose to see how your body reacts to it. If all goes well, you would be encouraged to keep on using the dose. However, if it seems like the quality of erection is not optimum, then you would be given a stronger dose. This could mean you take 2 pills instead of one. But, this should only be determined by the specialist.


How it Treats Erectile Dysfunction 

It may not work on all types of ED since the causes are different and this drug is only effective where vasodilation will aid erection. In such cases, the ingredient Sildenafil acts on the hormone PDE 5. It blocks its action for a few hours so that the body can produce nitric oxide. This is necessary to cause vessel wall muscles to relax. The result of that is the expansion and smoothening of the passageway in the vessels. This action is important in treating erectile dysfunction because it opens up a passage for blood from the heart to the penis. But it is not like the flood gates are just opened up and blood immediately flows to the penis. It requires arousal that triggers brain impulses to the vessels which then direct the blood into the penis to cause an erection.


Why Use Cenforce? 

First of all, if anyone is worried about side effects, this drug puts that worry to rest. For most men, 50 mg of Sildenafil will not cause side effects. Often when a urologist prescribes this medication, they are seeking to manage the risk of side effects. But this doesn’t mean the drug will not work.

Another reason is the fact that this online store makes it simple to purchase the medication. You do not need to go to a pharmacy and embarrass yourself trying to order the treatment without being noticed. Online availability makes it convenient.

You must also be interested in how it affects your life. This medication will help you sustain your relationship. The thought in your mind that your partner may leave you one day because you cannot make love to her will be burnished from your mind. This medication will help you get a strong erection so you can please your partner.

There isn’t a lot you need to do for this medication to work except swallow it and get aroused. This is convenient. Sex can be scheduled anytime and you will not go through a long procedure before you can get it up and get it in.

This drug is also safe for use. Some other treatments may not have been tested but this one is tested and approved.



1- Are there side effects of Cenforce 50 Mg?

You might feel light-headed, or get a headache. Also, some people get stomach upset depending on what they have eaten.

2- What should I do if it doesn’t work?

You should return to the physician and explain what happened. Often, a person may have used the medication incorrectly or not waited long enough for the medication to take effect. The doctor will ask you a few questions to establish why it did not work. In other instances, another dose may be prescribed.

3- After how long can I stop using the medication

Seek the advice of your doctor if you are considering stopping the treatment. You should only stop if you can get an erection without taking the meds. Cenforce 50 Mg however will not cure the condition. Many people continue to use it for the rest of their life.



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