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Cenforce 25 MG


Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
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There are several oral treatments for erectile dysfunction. Among those commonly prescribed by urologists is Cenforce 25 mg. In clinical trials, this drug proved safe and effective. If you have trouble attaining a strong erection, read this to find out more about the option available.


What is Cenforce 25 Mg

This is a brand of Sildenafil that is considered a low dose of the drug. Sildenafil is a vasodilator prescribed in different doses to enhance the process of getting an erection. The common ED medication Viagra was the first brand to use Sildenafil as a treatment for ED. Cenforce 25 Mg is a cheaper alternative to Viagra but with the same effect on the body. it can also be used to treat pulmonary hypertension


How Does Cenforce 25 Mg Work

This drug is a vasodilator that achieves the widening of the blood vessels by inhibiting the action of an enzyme known to control vessel dilation. That enzyme is commonly referred to as PDE-5.

When a person takes the pill, sildenafil will enter the bloodstream and eventually end up within the walls of the blood vessels where PDE-5 is active. It will suspend the action of that enzyme and allow the production of cGMP, another enzyme active in the walls of blood vessels. This enzyme gets the muscles to relax and that widens the blood vessels.

More blood can then glow through to the vessels and into the penis. However, blood will only flow into the penis when a man has been aroused. This drug, therefore, does not cause any involuntary erections.

Under normal circumstances, this medication will enable the impotent man have a hard erection every time he needs to have sex. One tablet will be effective for as long as 4 hours.



It is advisable to only use this medication as prescribed by the physician. This information is only to give you an understanding of the drug Cenforce 25 Mg. That said, Sildenafil use is recommended only once in 24 hours. However, it doesn’t have to be used every day. This drug is taken when a man has the intention to have sex. However, vasodilators may be used to treat other conditions and so the way it is used may vary.


Benefits of Cenforce 25 Mg

The main reason a man would use this medication would be to get and sustain an erection when having sex. The benefits of using the drug however exceed that. This drug is life-improving since it addresses a problem that alters your life in several ways. Key benefits include the following.


Makes you Happier: Let’s start with the obvious, if you are able to attain an erection, you will be able to have more sex. Scientifically speaking, sex and happiness are correlated. Research shows having sex at least twice a week will make you happier than someone who doesn’t. Happiness will also arise from the fact that you can now get an erection whenever you need to.

It Boosts Your Confidence: Not being able to erect can make you doubt your worth as a man. Self-confidence is very important for a man to feel good about himself as well as to go about his daily activities. It is therefore a benefit when a man can regain his confidence after taking the drug and seeing that he is still able to make his partner feel like a woman. With your partner satisfied, you can sit back and feel like a real man and look people in the eye without getting paranoid that they may know your problem.

Improves General Health: Most of the time, erectile dysfunction is related to poor blood circulation. This can affect more than just your ability to have sex. The drug Cenforce 25 mg improves blood circulation throughout the body. You will therefore be healthier when other organs in your body are receiving sufficient blood supply. It can even lower your blood pressure, reducing the risk of stroke and heart failure.

Makes You Positive: Most illnesses affect your outlook on life. Impotent men tend to become very negative. Depression may set in when the negativity is left to linger for a long. By stitching this problem as quickly as possible, you can become more positive about your life and accomplish much more.


Side Effect

The quantity of Sildenafil in Cenforce 25 Mg is considered negligible. Chances of having side effects are very low. If you take the drug as recommended by the doctor, you will find no problem with the drug. Some people however may need to get used to the medication and within that time, they may experience the following.

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Distorted color perception
  • Headache 
  • Head spinning
  • Unsettled stomach
  • Vomiting 

If any of the following occur, the use of the drug must be stopped immediately. Medical help would be needed to deal with these:

  • Sharp chest pain
  • Palpitation 
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Painful erection
  • Blood in the urine



Do not take more than the recommended number of pills per day. If you are likely to forget that you already swallowed one tablet, set a reminder and only take the tablet when the reminder goes off. Alternatively, have your partner tell you when to take the medication. Overdose can lead to serious reactions and death.



On top of avoiding an overdose, you need to take precautions when using Cenforce 25 Mg. Among the cautions is controlling the use of alcohol. Excessive alcohol use can cause interactions.

Some foods also affect the action of Sildenafil. Fatty foods and just about all fast foods should be avoided when you plan to use the drug.

At the same time, certain foods may cause the drug to get stronger. Grapefruit or juice should not be taken with the treatment or else an overdose can occur.

If you experience drowsiness or poor eyesight after taking this medication, you shouldn’t be in control of machinery like a car.

Using this medication does not relieve you from the duty to practice safe sex. It is neither a birth control substitute nor protection from STDs


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