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Cenforce 150 MG


Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
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Cenforce 150 Mg is medically approved for use in men’s health. Find out all the important information about it here.

The realization that you cannot get an erection despite several attempts to get aroused can get you into a panic. But panic will not improve your situation. It will, if anything, cause distress instead. The best reaction would be to seek treatment for it and that treatment could be Cenforce 150 Mg. There are hundreds of men who can give their experience with this drug and how it changed their lives. This is probably a reason to get excited and start searching in every pharmacy for the treatment. But before you do that, you should get the following facts about it.


What is Cenforce 150mg? 

It is the beacon of hope for men with erectile dysfunction. This medication is composed of Sildenafil which is medically used to get blood vessels to relax and permit large volumes of oxygenated blood to get to different parts of the body including the penis. This treatment is usually prescribed when erectile dysfunction (ED) seems to respond to lower dose treatment but not to the satisfaction of the patient. You could say it is a reinforced dose of Sildenafil used to treat ED.


What is Contained in Cenforce 150mg? 

The main content of the pill is Sildenafil. That is the compound that delivers the desired effect of the drug. However, the manufacturers add other ingredients to add shape to the drug as well as to make it easier to administer. The information on the box where the pills are packed has details about other ingredients in it. You should always read the information that comes with these medications to ensure you are not taking something you are allergic to.


How to Administer Cenforce 150mg 

The tablet is film-coated to make it easy to swallow. Water is the recommended liquid to use when administering the pill. The tablet is intended to be swallowed whole as directed by the specialist. When you know you are about to have sex, that is the time to take the medication. The best timing would be an hour to the act. The medication could work faster for some men and if you take it on an empty stomach. But you should consult the doctor on whether it is okay for you to take the drug on an empty stomach. Remember lovemaking can be a vigorous activity that requires energy.

If you decide to eat, it is advisable to regulate the potions you eat and to avoid junk food that could clog the absorption of the medication.

Caution is also taken when using the medication, not to overdose. Do not exceed a tablet within 24 hours.


Advantages of Using Cenforce 150 mg

Many men consistently use this medication and it is evident that they are enjoying the benefits. Published research also indicates that it is beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction using oral medication like this and in the same quantity. Among the advantages are the following.

Quick reaction: After you take the medication, you would only have to wait a maximum of 1 hour. For some people, that is even shorter than their commute home. This makes the treatment convenient. You hardly feel the effect of erectile dysfunction as long as you take the medication in time.

Quality erection: The medication will not just give you an erection. The strength of your member will be increased. For a man in his 50s without ED, his erection may not compare to a 21-year-olds. However, when you use Cenforce 150 Mg, the erection will be as hard as a youth’s.

Improved Sensesion: Because your penis reaches full erection, you are likely to enjoy penetrative sex better. Your partner will also enjoy that feeling of a strong manhood inside her. This will leave both of you better satisfied than when the erection was weak.

Confidence: The medication will help you regain your confidence. It is no secret that an impotent man may have low self-esteem. When you find a solution to ED, you will have no reason to have low self-esteem. In fact, you will feel proud instead.

On-demand use: You do not have to continuously use the medication. Many people hate having to regularly swallow medicine. With this drug, you will only need to take it if you are going to make love. Or whenever you need to get an erection.

Good for penile health: Your organ needs to get erect to receive oxygenated blood. Every organ in your body requires oxygenated blood but the penis only gets that supply through erecting. This drug will ensure that it happens more often.


Myths About Cenforce 150 Mg

It works like an aphrodisiac: This is a common myth widely consumed to the extent you could be challenged for stating differently. The truth is the drug has no aphrodisiac qualities and if you take it and you are not in the mood for sex, you will not even get an erection.

You will get a permanent erection until the drug wears off: If this happens, you have probably taken an overdose and are experiencing priapism, a serious side effect that needs medical attention. However, some men may remain hard even after ejaculation, but this should not last more than 4 hours.

Cenforce is inferior to Viagra: Far from it. This drug is pretty much a different brand of the same medication. They both contain Sildenafil and work effectively to treat erectile dysfunction. 

You need to take it once to know if it works: If you use this medication the first time and it fails to work, you may have used it wrongly. Also, some people may need to try it a few more times before it works. Try at least 6 times before you consider changing the dose.


Side Effects of Cenforce 150 mg 

The is a high occurrence of certain side effects among men on this dose of Sildenafil. The effects however are not worrisome. With the help of a urologist, you can use the medication despite the side effects. These include the following.

  • Increased heart rate
  • The urge to vomit
  • Aches (head, back, and muscles)
  • Unclear vision
  • Dizziness
  • Blocked nose

These effects can last between 2 and 4 hours, while some may even go away within less than an hour. Also, you will not experience all the side effects mentioned above.


Who Should use Cenforce 150 mg?

Do not use this information as justification to start using the drug without prescription. You should only use the drug if the urologist finds that it could be of benefit to you. It is not advisable to start using Cenforce with this particular dose. See the other doses available here. If you contact our online specialist, they can help you determine if you should use it and if an alternative is needed. We would have that as well.



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