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Cenforce 120 MG


Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
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When a mild dose of Ed medication still fails to produce the expected results, then a health provider may suggest that you try Cenforce 120 Mg. Men with ED may respond differently to doses used to treat the condition and so there is no need to panic if a lower dose did not work.


What is Cenforce 120 Mg

This tablet is a slight increment of the normal dose used to treat ED. The drug contains 120 mg of Sildenafil which is a known therapy used by urologists to help an impotent man get an erection. The efficacy of this drug is well documented and so is its safety.


How Does Cenforce 120 Mg Work

With added milligrams of Sildenafil, this drug causes vasodilation. While this effect is on almost all blood vessels, it will also have a tremendous effect on the penile vessels. These vessels will become soft and enlarged. A larger amount of blood is able to get through them in that state. This is an important condition to enable erection. The erection however does not occur unless the man is sexually enticed after taking the medication. It may take an hour before the man can get hard.

For some men, this medication can keep them hard even after ejaculation while others will find that the latency period is very short. In no time, they will be hard again and ready to go.

The medication keeps on working this way for 4 hours. Gradually, the strength starts to wane.



The dose you have to take could be a matter of trial and error. However, leave this to be overseen by a trained medical person. Usually, a patient will be given a lower dose to see their reaction to it. By the time a doctor recommends Cenforce 120 Mg, they are sure that lower doses will not produce the best erection for you. Even when they recommend this dose, it is expected that it will be used only once a day and preferably only when needed.

Manufacturers refrain from giving doses that should be followed. As you will see on the package, the dose is as prescribed by a physician.


Benefits of Cenforce 120 Mg

Naturally, with any product, a person will ask, “what’s in it for me?” In this case, we would believe you can already see the benefits if you have erectile dysfunction. You have an important body organ that isn’t working properly and this medication can help correct that. As a result of that, you will also experience other benefits.

It’s Good for the Penis: Are you aware that the only time a penis receives blood is when it is erect? When you are impotent, your penis is starved of blood which is something everybody’s organ needs. So, even for a man who may not be sexually active, if you have ED, it is beneficial to take this drug once in a while so that the penis can get blood and remain healthy. If this is not done, you can get problems urinating or even controlling your urine.

Inspire Confidence: If there is one disease that has affected so many men’s confidence, it is erectile dysfunction. Many men will feel less of a man if they cannot have normal penetrative sex. The drop in confidence will even affect their interactions with their partner and other people around them. With Cenforce 120 Mg, they can regain their penile function and they can feel better about themselves. This has even been proven in scientific studies on the effect of treatment with ED medication. 

Repairs Relationships: Lovers who find themselves drifting apart because of the lack of intimacy can fix that problem with the medication. Just one tablet is needed to get a man responsive to sexual stimulation. It has been reported many times that breakups can be triggered by erectile dysfunction. If the only problem a couple has is the inability to enjoy penetrative sex, this drug is the solution to that problem.

Improved Mental State: When Ed remains untreated for long, it can take a toll on a man’s mental health. Sometimes it can also affect their partner. Worry, lack of confidence, and depression are all associated with being impotent. The best thing you can do is treat erectile dysfunction and you can have peace of mind.

Better Life: Every sickness has an impact on the patient’s quality of life. Impotence is no exception, if anything, it can be devastating. Cenforce 120 Mg offers the opportunity to have a better life, full of regular sex, love, intimacy, and good health.


Side Effects

Clinical trials indicate that the majority of men using this drug do not experience side effects. Another section of men who do have side effects, find that they are mild and with time they get used to the medication. Also, simple practices like being well-hydrated can reduce the chances of getting these side effects. If you experience any of these, no need to worry.

  • Feeling lightheaded
  • A blocked nose
  • Minor headache
  • Aches in muscles
  • Wanting to vomit
  • The face turns red or feels warm
  • Loose stool 

At the same time though, certain rare effects will need medical attention. If any of these happen, there is cause for concern.

  • A never-ending erection over 4 hours
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of sight


Scientists issue a clear warning against taking an overdose of Sildenafil. Always take only what the doctor prescribes. The above serious side effects are associated with having too much Cenforce 120 Mg in your body. If you take more of the drug than recommended, seek the help of your healthcare provider. Some symptoms you may experience after an overdose include:

  • Painful erection
  • Loss of hearing
  • Blindness
  • Blackout
  • Permanent erection


Buy Cenforce 120 Mg

A major concern men with ED have after getting a prescription is, where to buy safe and genuine Cenforce. No matter where you are in the world, you can order this drug online. Powerpills is a safe online pharmacy with a wide variety of life-improving medications. Make your order today and get the product in a few days. 



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