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Cenforce 100 MG


Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
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You can make your partner satisfied sexually even if you have erectile dysfunction. Right here is the medicine that will help you do that. Cenforce 100 Mg can give you the hardest wood you have ever had. There is still more good news, it doesn’t cost much.


What is Cenforce 100 Mg

It’s an end to the hardships of erectile dysfunction that many men face. Whatever your age, ED can occur but you do not need to suffer with it. This oral tab is taken once in 1440 mins (24hrs). Cenforce has a strong phosphodiesterase inhibitor which causes enlargement and softening of blood vessels. This is a pill for medical use that is only used when the doctor says it is okay to use it.


Who is Cenforce 100 Mg for?

The drug is designed to help men with erectile problems. The advice by the manufacturer is that you first seek medical examination before you start using the medicine. Not every impotent man will respond to this treatment so a doctor needs to ascertain what kind of ED they have. It is also a matter of safety that use of the medication is under supervision of a trained medical person.


How Cenforce 100 Mg Works

Cenforce can dilate blood vessels. This is important in the treatment of erectile dysfunction because most people with ED have tense blood vessels that restrict blood flow into the sexual organ. The drug is made from Sildenafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor. That means it stops the action of PDE5. This is necessary for the production of nitric oxide which is a muscle relaxer. When the muscles relax, it is easy for blood to engorge the penis. However, physical arousal is necessary for this to happen. The man should be in the mood for sex in order for the drug to do work. This medicine will continue helping the man get an erection for as long as 5 hours before it starts to weaken. After 5 hours, the quality of erections is not as strong as at its peak which is 4 hours after swallowing it.


How is Cenforce 100 Used?

The tablet is prepared as a full daily dose so one pill is swallowed before sex. A man can choose to take it 1 hour before or even 4 hours before. The best results however are seen after one hour of swallowing the medicine. It is optional to eat or not to eat before taking the medicine. But, it is noted that when a man takes the drug on an empty stomach, faster results are experienced. More of the drug will be absorbed when there is no obstruction from food in the stomach.



There can be no argument about the advantages of using this medication. Impotence is a devastating illness and any drug that can counter its effects will certainly have advantages. Just envision a life without sex and then imagine what it would be like to regain the ability to have sex. With that in mind, here are some of the advantages.

Quick erection: 30 minutes is a short time to wait to be able to get hard. In comparison with an operation that would require healing before you can see the results, this treatment is quick and painless. Even a man who would like to keep it a secret from his partner that he uses pills can easily do so.

Harder erection: Increased blood circulation means that more blood will find its way into the penis. This means it will be fuller and harder. Sex becomes more enjoyable under such circumstances. There is even a look of a bigger member since the organ is filling to capacity.

Improved confidence: impotence puts men at the risk of depression and loss of self-confidence. The idea that they cannot function like other men is devastating. When they use Cenforce 100, all that can change. Some men even feel more manly than before because of the stronger erection.

Better health: To start with, the medication improves blood circulation. This also reduces high blood pressure if someone has it. The ability to have sex regularly and actually have it can also improve immunity and make you happier. Doctors also encourage a healthier lifestyle while you use the medication.

Saves relationships: Chances of breakups in relationships where the man is impotent are high. Sex is a bonding factor and not many people can remain in sexless relationships. Getting treatment with this drug will return the sex and joy to the relationship.


Getting the Best of Cenforce 100 Mg

The advantages of this medication can best be experienced when you follow these guidelines. One of the most important steps is to consult a doctor about your problem and let them advise you on whether to start using the drug. It will be important as well for you to change your lifestyle. Start exercising more and eat the right foods. If you smoke, give up the habit. Alcohol consumption should also be regulated. Only use the medication as instructed by the doctor.


Side Effects 

For most men, the chances of experiencing side effects are minimal when on this dose. However, men over 70 years old may still experience mild effects. Like: 

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Headache
  • Heat flashes
  • The face could turn red
  • Backache
  • Muscle pain

Those side effects shouldn’t cause worry. With time they subside. However, if any of the following occur, urgent attention should be given to the patient.

  • The penis spends more than 4 hours straight erect
  • They lose consciousness
  • The heartbeat gets irregular
  • Blood pressure drops 
  • Experience allergic reaction
  • You cannot see in one r both of your eyes
  • You experience hearing loss


Buy Cenforce 100 Mg Online

The pharmacy near you may not have this medication and you do not want to have everyone hear you order sex meds. The best option to purchase these drugs is online. This website is a trusted online pharmacy. You can get Cenforce and many other drugs at a good price. Find out about special discounts and delivery options that suit you. Order now with your prescription.


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