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Caverta 100 mg


Sildenafil Citrate
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Caverta 100 mg Summary: When erectile dysfunction becomes a problem in your life, Caverta 100 Mg would be the best option to get it under control. This tablet is made using Sildenafil, the oldest known treatment for failed erections. The majority of men who were treated with this drug are enjoying fulfilling relationships and a better life.

Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. This means that it hinders the enzyme from acting in the body. This is a safe way to encourage blood vessels to dilate and when a man is aroused, he can get an erection quickly.

This medication is only prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction, even if it can also help with hypertension since vasodilation is known to reduce blood pressure. When prescribing his medication, patients are informed by the healthcare provider about possible side effects such as headache, lightheadedness and nausea, among others. But the benefits usually encourage many to use this drug and the results are amazing. You can buy original ED medication like this one from Powerpills.


How Does Caverta 100 mg Work?

Simply explained is that Caverta 100 mg promotes increased blood flow into the penis when stimulation is applied. For an erection to occur in a normal man, the blood vessels need to relax and increase the amount of blood that finds its way into the penis chamber. This fails to occur in a man with ED because the vessel muscles are contracted.

When this drug is taken by such a man, it will stop the action of PDE-5 enzyme and encourage the production of nitric oxide which relaxes muscles. The blood vessels will therefore enlarge and soften. This is the perfect condition for an erection. However, erections only occur when the brain is aware of sexual activity. It is therefore necessary that a man engages in foreplay that includes stimulating the penis for an erection to occur.

The medication continues to do its work for up to 10 hours before it becomes weak.



Caverta 100 mg should be taken as a complete dose unless the urologist says differently. When a prescription indicates that the treatment is Sildenafil 100 mg, then that is what should be used within 24 hours. It is best to take it 1 hour before sexual activity so that it can work adequately within the body. Never should a patient determine their own dosage of this medication. It will likely end up being too strong or too weak.


Benefits of Caverta 100 mg

People who use this medication can see gradual changes in different aspects of their lives. Sex plays an important role in a human’s life and being deprived of it can affect the quality of life you have. In like manner, reviving your sex life will improve the quality of your life. These are some of the benefits of Caverta 100 Mg.


More Sex: It is said that you never realize the importance of something you have until you lose it. This also applies to sex. Many couples only realize how much they enjoy sex when it is no more. Therefore, when you take this medication and are able to have sex again, you are likely to be excited and increase the frequency of the act in your life. This comes with more benefits.

Happier Life: If you have more sex, you are likely to be happier. First of all, you feel wanted and that is important for human happiness. Also, sex has been proven to increase the level of the happiness hormone in the brain. This is particularly after the climax. You, therefore, reduce the risk of depression and even it can treat depression.

Healthier Lifestyle: This is among the gradual benefits of using this medication. First of all, it will lower your blood pressure whenever the blood vessels dilate. You will also get the health benefits of sex which includes better cardio health. The doctor will also encourage you to eat healthy foods as you use this medication and that will improve your health even more.

Improved Work-Life: Several men with erectile dysfunction report that they became unable to concentrate on their work because they were depressed or stressed. Treating erectile dysfunction with Caverta 100 will address this problem. Being able to have sex regularly helps you relax. It even improves memory and that is good for your performance at work.


Side Effects

This dose of Sildenafil will hardly cause side effects for most patients. However, A minority of patients may experience the following.

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Stuffy nose
  • Unsettled stomach
  • Memory lapses 
  • Color Blindness

Patients however, are warned that if any of the following occur, they need to see the doctor

  • Hearing loss
  • Blindness
  • Palpitation 
  • Painful erection 
  • Any bleeding



Strictly follow the instructions given by the physician. Choosing to increase the dosage will result in unpleasant consequences. Some of the serious side effects which rarely happen can result from overdosing on Sildenafil tablets.



The use of this drug may cause you to become an unsafe driver for the time it is active. If you are experiencing dizziness, color blindness or lack of concentration, do not drive or operate heavy machines.

You also need to inform the doctor before you start using this medicine about your medical history. Some conditions make it unsafe to use a PDE-5 inhibitor.

Men with a bent penis or deformity on the organ, should have the doctor assess if it is safe to use this medication. In some cases, priapism can occur because of the condition.


Alternative to Caverta 100 mg

Your physician may prescribe Sildenafil 100 Mg and not Caverta in particular. There are several other brands of Sildenafil that could be taken in place of this one. Kamagra, 100mg, Cenforce 100 mg and Filitra 100 Mg can all act as substitutes.


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