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Cenforce 200 MG


Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
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A strong treatment like Cenforce 200 Mg may be recommended when dealing with ED that has proved resistant to lower doses.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction needs to start with a safe dose to ensure the patient will not have serious side effects. But not everyone responds to the lower doses. That is when Cenforce 200 Mg comes in. When you have had erectile dysfunction for a long time and you need an aggressive approach to the illness, you should talk to your physician about starting salvage treatment with this drug.


About Cenforce 200 mg

This is the pinnacle of treatment using Sildenafil with the hope for the best results. The tablet is a high dose of Sildenafil citrate intended for men with stubborn cases of impotence. Under normal circumstances, an impotent man would be treated with either 50 mg or 100 mg of sildenafil. However, certain cases of the ailment show some progress but it is not satisfactory. At such a point, a doctor can recommend the highest dose.

For many men, this dose can be risky and so it is administered with extra caution.

Examination may be employed along with tests to verify the chances of success when this tablet is used


How Cenforce 200 mg is used

In the interest of patient safety, the drug should be administered under strict supervision by a healthcare provider. Taking the drug should be only when sexual intercourse is imminent within the next 4 hours. It is often practiced that a patient will swallow the pill at least 30 minutes before the act of lovemaking. The power of the medication alone is not enough to cause an erection so foreplay is a must to arouse the man.

Crushing, breaking, or chewing the tablet is out of the question. The only way to take in the tablet is through the mouth the way it comes out of the blister pack. 

While using the drug, patients are advised to look out for any signs of an overdose especially when they are new to the dose.


How Cenforce 200 Mg Treats Erectile Dysfunction

This pill depends on the strength of the dose of Sildenafil to treat ED. Sildenafil generally is supposed to get oxygenated blood into the soft tissue of the penis. For some men, it depends on the strength of the pill. When the dose is this strong, the compound in the pill can inhibit PDE 5, a hormone that prevents blood vessels from expanding. The muscles in the blood vessel walls then relax because without the action of PDE 5, nitric oxide is produced by cGMP and that has a relaxing effect on the muscles. The passage is then clear for blood to rage into the penis’s soft tissue. But the medication will not take care of that. It will take fondling of the penis to get the brain to send a signal for blood to flow into the chambers that contain blood to cause an erection.

This medication, therefore, treats erectile dysfunction when the reason for the problem is poor blood circulation caused by the state of the vessels.


Side Effects 

The possibility of side effects is increased with increase in dosage. If you are on this medication, you are most likely to experience a few of the following. Usually, though it will not be a cause for worry. 

  • Headache
  • Feeling drowsy 
  • Indigestion 
  • Flashed face and neck
  • Muscle aches especially around the back
  • Colour blindness


Why use Cenforce 200 Mg

With high chances of side effects, it is natural to question if you should use the medication and risk discomfort. Also, after unsuccessful attempts to treat ED, you might have lost hope and imagine it is not worth it. But consider some of these reasons to try it.


Double action: You may have been disappointed by the 100 Mg dose of Cenforce. That should not be a reason to give up. With this, you have double the action with twice as much ability to get blood flowing again into your manhood. It has worked for many men and will most likely work for you.

Save your relationship: After a long struggle with ED, your relationship must be on the ropes and could very easily get knocked out. This is one trick you can pull out to win the fight. If you can return love-making to your bedroom then the relationship stands a good chance of surviving. This drug will help you save the relationship.

Convenience: There are very few treatments that are as convenient as this one. All you need to do is take a pill and you can bring back the fire to your bedroom. Try and compare it to having to install a pump into your manhood.

 Confidence: For many impotent men it has become hard to look their partners in the face because they always recall the embarrassing attempts to make love. It affects confidence and self-esteem in different aspects of life. By going back to the root of the problem, you can regain self-confidence.



Overdose: This is an ever-lingering threat that can cause serious effects. If you take more than a tablet in a day, you can end up unconscious, in severe pain, or even dead. Even if the medication doesn’t seem to work, do not take it upon yourself to adjust the dose.

Interactions: You might not overdose and yet still face the same risk as overdose because of interactions. Certain medications can cause interactions that are similar to overdose. Obvious among them would be other drugs used to treat ED. These could even be herbal meds that work like PDE 5 inhibitors. Talk to the urologist about the threat of interactions.

Alcohol: Although this may seem safe, like the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. Drinking excess alcohol can be dangerous when you are on this medication. It also can reduce the strength of the drug. In some cases, alcohol is considered to be the reason for temporary erectile dysfunction.

Abuse: Cenforce 200 Mg should not be part of your entertainment. It has no recreational benefit. Instead, you could fall victim to serious side effects. Only use the drug as indicated by the specialist.


Now you know a lot about this medication. If you decide to purchase it. Do not go far. We will take your order right here and deliver the drug.



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