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Avandra 100 mg

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Avandra 100 mg Summary: Avandra 100 mg is a medically approved drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug contains Avanafil, which is used to cause softening of the walls of blood vessels. This action results in the increase in volume of blood flowing to different organs of the body including the penis. Since a large volume of blood is needed for a hard erection, a drug like this works perfectly for men who fail to get an erection because of poor blood supply to the penis.

The effect of this medication can be seen within a minimum of 15 minutes for many men. It is however necessary to stimulate the organ for it to get erect. The medication alone will not cause involuntary erection as believed by some people.

Avandra is used by many men with ED to overcome the different problems associated with the condition. One of the big problems is loss of self esteem which can easily be overcome once a man can successfully get an erection and make love to his partner.

Use of the drug however needs to be monitored by a trained specialist in male sexual health problems. Self medication is highly discouraged and can cause overdose or underdose. At times, some men present side effects of this medication like headache, backache and turning red in the face and neck. With the help of a specialist, men with erectile dysfunction can successfully overcome the problem and safely use this medication.

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How Avandra 100 mg Works

Basically, this medication will cause vasodilation. It is in the category of vasodilators known as PDE-5 inhibitors or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These drugs will cause the muscles of blood vessels to relax and let more blood through. This happens when they block the enzyme PDE-5 from working. A second hormone will take over control of the vessels. That hormone is cGMP which promotes production of nitric oxide. That is what directly relaxes muscles.

The blood vessel passage will become smooth and let blood flow without hindrance and at low pressure. Since the penis also has 2 large blood vessels that trap blood to cause an erection, these vessels will fill up to maximum capacity once sex is initiated. Once a man climaxes or loses interest in sex, the blood will be let out of the penile chamber.


Use of Avandra 100 mg

When you find out that you have erectile dysfunction, you still need a proper diagnosis by a doctor. It is after this diagnosis that the doctor will determine if you should use Avanafil. The physician will then decide how much of it you need. There are different doses of this drug, including higher ones and lower ones. It is likely that a low dose of 50 mg will first be tried before this one.

The specialist will also give you instructions about how to use it. Often, it is used only once in 24 hours and just before sex. For best results, patients are encouraged to take it 1 hour before that time. However, some men may be spontaneous and not have that much time. The minimum time would be 15 minutes though the strength of the erection may not compare to one after 1 hour of taking the drug.



You should avoid taking more than a tablet in 24 hours. Your prescription should clearly indicate how much you need to get a satisfactory erection. Overdose can result in a painful erection or one that doesn’t stop until you get assistance from the medical emergency team.


Benefits of Avandra 100 mg

Benefits of using this drug to treat erectile dysfunction have been observed and reported about in medical journals. It is evident that this medication has a positive impact on the lives of men with erectile dysfunction and their partners. These are some of the observations made.

Better quality erection: Since Avanafil promotes blood flow, the amount of blood that gets into the penis is adequate for a strong erection. It has been noted that many men get weaker erections as they age so this medication helps to cause a strong one similar to what a man in his early 20s would have.

Sexual satisfaction: While men with ED are usually sexually frustrated just as much as their partners, when they start using this treatment, they are able to fulfil their sexual desires. Their partners too like the results of the medication and some say it even feels better. Note however that this is not a sex enhancement drug.

Happy couples: It is exciting being able to overcome a problem like ED. The couple therefore feel much better when they can resume making love. They even draw closer to each other because of this. It should also be mentioned that sex is proven to make people happier if they engage in it at least twice a week.

Boost to confidence: It is amazing how being able to make love can make both man and woman more confident. In contrast, when a man develops ED, he feels like less of a man and the woman feels less attractive. When this problem is tackled, they will both feel like They are loved and they are fulfilling each other’s desires.


Storage of Avandra 100 mg

This medication needs to be stored correctly to ensure it remains effective and to keep everyone safe. First of all, if you have children or pets, it is advisable to store it where they cannot get to. That can ensure safety of those around.

This medication comes in a blister strip and should be left in there until you intend to swallow it. Keep it in the box as well. Now, avoid cold temperatures and anything that is too hot. Room temperature would be just adequate. A nice dry cupboard is the best recommendation.


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