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Avana 200 MG


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Avana 200 Mg Summary: Sometimes, all an impotent man needs to restart his sex life is a strong drug like Avana 200 Mg. Even after disappointing attempts at treating the condition, you can find hope in this tablet.

This is a strong dose of Avanafil, a drug used commonly in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug comes in different measures and 200 mg is the highest. It is referred to as salvage treatment. This is because other medications may have failed and so a strong dose is the last hope. It is successful in 50% of the people who try it.

The medication must be taken responsibly according to the instructions of the urologist who prescribes it. High doses of a drug like this have side effects that can be managed, but caution needs to be exercised when using the drug as overdose can be critical. But in the end, the relief it gives from a life without sex is worth every effort you make to use it and deal with side effects.


How Does Avana 200 Mg Work?

Avanafil, which is the generic name for Avana 200 Mg, is a vasodilator. It particularly works on phosphodiesterase 5, a hormone present in the walls of blood vessels. This hormone is blocked by Avanafil and that allows the body to produce nitric oxide, a chemical necessary for dilation of blood vessels. This enables the vessels to carry more blood into the penis. The blood is directed to the penis once the man is sexually stimulated. An erection occurs when a large volume of blood is trapped in the penis chambers.



It is advised to take just one Avanafil 200 Mg tablet a few minutes to an hour before sex. This dose however is one that you will get to after trying out the lower Doses. This is because a physician will need to see how well your body deals with the medication. In most cases, it is only when lower doses of Avanafil fail to work that this will be used. At all times, this medication should only be taken as directed by the health provider. Not more than a tablet can be taken within 24 hours.


Benefits of Avana 200 mg 

Avana 200 has been used successfully in several cases of erectile dysfunction. Men who for years may have struggled to find the right treatment for their condition were eventually able to get erect and enjoy their love lives. This also comes with several benefits as described here.

Sex: When you start using this medicine you will be able to have sex again. The drug will make it possible for you to get an erection within a few minutes of taking it and it will allow you to enjoy penetrative sex the whole night if that is your pleasure.

Penile health: Untreated Erectile dysfunction that goes on for long may affect the health of your penis. Your penis needs supply of blood and an erection is how it gets that blood. This is why men wake up with morning wood. The drug helps blood flow into the penis whenever it is needed and keeps it healthy.

Confidence: According to research, most impotent men experience a drop in self-confidence. This is because most men attach sexual prowess to being a real man. When you use this medication, you can erase that feeling of inadequacy and you will regain your confidence. This is important for a good quality life.

.Happiness: Having sex, especially climaxing is a major boost to your mood. The brain releases chemicals that will make you feel happy. Although we cannot be happy all the time, you need a good amount of happiness in your life ad you can get that when you use Avana 200 mg to engage in sex with your partner.

Better sleep: It may be hard to have a good night’s rest when you are burdened by erectile dysfunction. In fact, many men develop depression which usually causes insomnia. Well, using this treatment can solve that problem. When you are able to have sex, your brain produces a chemical that causes relaxation after you have ejaculated. This will help you sleep comfortably. You also will not have worries keeping you awake.

General health: ED is a sign of poor health, you need to address whatever is causing it. Starting by treating the symptom is a good way to get your health on track. This medication facilitates a reduction in blood pressure and allows for better blood circulation. It has also been noted that engaging in regular sex can boost immunity.


Side Effects 

You will experience a few side effects after you start using Avana 200 Mg. Your health provider will give you some tips to deal with them. However, you should get used to them with time. 

  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Running stomach
  • Light sensitivity
  • Stuffy nose



Care should be taken not to take more than 1 tablet in 24 hours. It is a strong medicine and cases of overdose can land you in the emergency room. If you experience any of the symptoms below, report physically to the health provider. 

  • Heart palpitation
  • Pounding in the ears and deafness 
  • Loss of vision
  • Blackout 
  • Aching limbs 
  • Swollen feet
  • Skin irritation



1- How often should it be used?

This medication is used on demand. If you intend to make love, then you should use it. However, no more than a pill is needed for 24 hours.

2- Are there any restrictions when on Avana 200 M? 

Yes, you will need to avoid certain drugs and foods while on this medication. They can interfere with how the drug works. These include alcohol, nitrates, grapefruit, recreational drugs, and other PDE-5 inhibitors among others.

3- How can I get Avana 200 Mg quickly? 

Powerpills USA is your dependable online provider of this medication and many more like it. You can make an order today and the medication will be on its way to you as soon as possible. Check out the pricing and estimated time of delivery.

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