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Assurans 20 mg


Sildenafil Citrate Tablets
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Assurans 20 mg Summary Assurans 20 Mg contains Sildenafil. It is mostly used to treat erectile dysfunction, although a dose like this may be recommended to treat high blood pressure in the lungs. For some adults who have trouble exercising, this medicine will help them as well.

This treatment helps to improve blood flow throughout the body. In men with erectile dysfunction, it relaxes the blood vessels in the penis so that they can accommodate a sufficient amount of blood to cause an erection. For adults with hypertension in the lungs, it releases the pressure within the vessels in the lungs and the heart will work less to get sufficient blood to the organs.

This drug is taken orally as specified by the doctor. This means you may need to take it daily or only when you are going to have sex. Few men will get side effects of this medication. The dose is low, therefore causing negligible disturbance to a patient on the medication. However if mixed with other medications, it can cause interactions.

By using this medication, a patient can improve their life. Impotent men can regain use of their penis to make love and people with high blood pressure can control the condition.


How Assurans 20 mg Works 

This is a vasodilator that works by affecting the action of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5. It is because of its action on this body chemical that it is called a PE-5 inhibitor. To cause the blood vessels to dilate, Assurans 20 blocks the enzyme from working. This is because the enzyme prevents cGMP from producing nitric oxide which is needed to relax the muscles in blood vessels. When PDE-5 is blocked, the blood vessel muscles relax and the vessels will smoothen. The pressure of blood will reduce while the volume in the vessels increases. When a man gets naughty with his lover, blood will enter the penis vessels and get locked in there. This causes an erection.

When this medicine is active, a man can get an erection for as long as 4 hours. Most men lose the erection after they climax, while some will retain the erection even after climax.


Benefits of Using Assurans 20 mg 

Low side effect risk: A dose of 20 mg Sildenafil is usually too low to cause side effects for most adult men. This makes the drug easy to use in patients who may find the side effects a bother. There is more consistent use of this drug because it doesn’t give most men side effects. This low dose can also be used as a daily treatment for other ailments other than erectile dysfunction which is usually treated on demand.

Quick action: When used to treat erectile dysfunction, Assurans impresses with its reaction time. You will be able to get an erection on the same day you take the medication. Some people react to the treatment within 1 hour of taking the pill. This can be exciting for a couple who have gone a long time without making love because of ED. With this medication, the moment it arrives, you can put it to the test and enjoy the results the same day.

Easy use: Using this medication is easy. It can be self administered, although not self prescribed. You just have to put it in the mouth and swallow using water. In most cases patients are encouraged to use it an hour before sex and for people with pulmonary hypertension, they need to take it at the time advised by the doctor. 

Improves lives: Erectile dysfunction leaves a lot of men in a bad way. Sexual frustration, depression, poor relationships and at times loss of interest in productivity define the lives of men with ED. Life is never good with such problems. However, when they start treatment for the disease, they will slowly get rid of such hindrances to a good quality life. In general, any medication that helps you feel better, will improve the quality of your life. Men who use Sildenafil to deal with impotence continue to have happier lives well into their old age.

Affordable: One of the biggest concerns for many patients is the cost of treatment. With Assurans 20 Mg however, there is no need to worry about that. This drug is affordable and can be bought in bulk online at a discount. Powerpills is among the online pharmacies that is trusted to provide affordable ED medication.


Drug Interactions

This medication can interact with other drugs that act in a similar way on the body. Nitrates are a common drug that can react with this PDE-5 inhibitor. Before you begin using this drug, the physician will give you instructions to avoid interactions. It is also upon you to inform the physician about any medications you are using. You should also be open about the ailments you have or may have been treated for. This will ensure your safety and avoid interactions that can have serious side effects.


Food Interactions

Fatty foods are not good for anyone using this medicine. Fatty foods like fast food can delay or completely prevent the medicine from working. When you are going to take this drug, avoid eating fast foods and anything deep fried.

Certain foods may contain nitrates. Grape fruit is one of the foods with nitrates and it can interact with the drug. It will increase the strength of the medicine and you may end up experiencing side effects like nausea, headache and dizziness.


Get the Best From Assurans 20 mg

Taking the medication alone will not guarantee the best results. You can ensure the best results by working with your health provider to find the best dose of this medicine. You also need to live a healthy life. Regular exercise and eating healthy food can enable you to see better results. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking may affect the success of the treatment. You should give up such practices especially while undergoing treatment.


Purchase Assurans 20 mg

THis medication from Cipla LTD is available online. A quick delivery can be made when you order the drug from powerpills. Order today and get it within 6 days. If you have any further questions, kindly contact us by clicking here.

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