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Abhigra 100 mg

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Abhigra 100 mg Summary: Sildenafil is used in measured doses in the treatment of different ailments including erectile dysfunction. Abhigra 100 is a drug made using Sildenafil and particularly for erectile dysfunction patients. This small blue pill comes packed in a strip of 10 tablets. It is orally administered using water and needs to be taken before sex. Some people are advised to take it on an empty stomach while others are encouraged to eat a measured amount of food before taking the pill. It all depends on a diagnosis carried out by the physician.

Abhigra is in the same class of medications as Viagra and has the same level of efficacy.

Men with ED who use this drug enjoy making love like other guys due to its efficient ability to cause an erection. Sometimes however, the cause of erectile dysfunction may make the drug ineffective. This is one of the reasons why patients are urged to seek a doctor’s diagnosis and prescription before they start using the drug.


How Abhigra 100 mg Treats Erectile Dysfunction

The majority of cases of ED are a result of blood vessels getting thick and contracting. This causes insufficient supply of blood to the penis. The penis too has large blood vessels that form a chamber where blood is supposed to collect and cause an erection. However, when these vessels are contracted, the amount of blood they trap is minimal and may result in a weak erection or none at all.

This is where Sildenafil comes to the rescue. It is a vasodilator, this means it will get the arteries to relax and widen. There are different types of vasodilators and Abhigra is in the category of PDE-5 inhibitors. That is because it affects the hormone PDE-5. By stopping this hormone from acting on another hormone, cGMP, nitric oxide is produced and it makes muscles relax. This is the desired effect for an erection to occur. The vessels now contain more blood and the penis will erect if an impotent man on this medication gets “naughty” with his partner.



The amount of this drug each person may need can vary. While many people will need just one tablet, there are a few who may need less than this. The diagnosis by a physician will determine how much is sufficient. At times you may even be start on half this dose and then stepped up if it is necessary. The doctor is the best person to decide on the best course to follow.

However, since this is an on demand drug, it is only used before sex as opposed to a consistent administration every day. The dose given is for 24 hours unless indicated differently.


Who Should Take Abhigra 100 mg?

Just like with the dosage, this should be determined by a doctor. Not everyone who fails to get an erection needs to be on this medication. However, it has proved effective in treating erectile dysfunction so men diagnosed with the problem may benefit from using it.

It should be noted also that vasodilators may have other uses in treatment of diseases related to blood movement. A medical specialist can advise whether this dose would be good for such a person.


Benefits of Abhigra 100 mg

Strong erection: Treatment with this blue tablet will ensure that more blood flows into the male organ when it is needed. There  is hardly any restriction once the man is stimulated so the erection will reach optimum strength. This is very important for good penetrative intercourse. There is even more “funny business” a couple can try when the erection is strong

Improved relationship: Relationships between lovers need reassurance from both parties. It takes more than saying “I love you” you need to show it and sex is one way. When a couple do not have sex, the relationship can disintegrate. Using Abhigra 100 Mg to address this problem will get the couple back on track. Even couples who may have broken up may consider rekindling their relationship when the man treats erectile dysfunction.

Boost to self esteem: Many patients with ED will develop a dip in self esteem. It is natural for men to feel low when they fail to perform their bedroom duty. However, low self esteem is dangerous and can prevent a  man from living a happy life. Taking this drug will help him regain his bedroom prowess. It will also be an extra boost when he realizes the quality of the erection is perfect.

Overcomes depression: If you do not attend to ED quickly, you may end up getting depressed. But even if you get depressed, there is still hope. Get ED treated with this medication and you will have little to worry about. You will also find that having regular sex can lift that dark cloud over your head. Your brain produces chemicals that stimulate you to be happy when you climax.

Affordable: Abhigra 100 Mg is more affordable than Viagra, Levitra and some of the other more known brands. It is not because it is inferior, however it is because it is manufactured at a lower cost outside America. Since ED may be a condition you need to treat for a long time, it helps to save on the cost by purchasing the more affordable option.


Alternative to Abhigra 100 mg

You can choose to have a different drug with the same potential. Several other brands of Sildenafil are available on Powerpills USA. Fildena 100 Mg is among such options and will provide the same effect and benefits as this medication. You could also try a different PDE-5 inhibitor like Tadarise which contains Tadalafil, for a longer effect.


Buy Safe Abhigra Today

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