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Payment Security

At Powerup Meds.store, we understand the value of money and security and hence, do not take the payment security in any lenient manner. We use SSL encryption technology as it the best technology to make online payments secure and private. It is impossible to steal card details or temper with the gateway as all that information is encrypted multi-dimensionally. Our payment gateway is verified by VISA and we strictly follow the guidelines by Payment Card Industry.

None of the information you enter during your payment process is stored in our database. Backend team of powerupmeds.store  is strictly forbidden to access or collect any personal information of our customers without any valid reason. You can trust our payment gateway and we assure that your card details and identity information will not be disclosed from our side. However, in case of any legal issue, we may have to do so.  

Anti Spam Policy

We totally support the cool Anti-Spam club and do not engage in promoting or sending any form of junk/spam emails to customers in our mailing list unless they have agreed to the promotional offers mail during the account creation. You may receive the newsletter from our website informing the addition of the new products or services only once in a month, but that too only if you are subscribed to it. If you receive any of the promotional emails and still you feel that this is inappropriate contact us immediately and we will look into the matter and you will not receive any promotional emails thereafter.

powerupmeds.store is an online pharmacy that totally believes in educating and generating awareness about such spam emails. This ensures that people coming to our website are completely safe from such frauds. Following are the basic ways to avoid spam calls, messages, and emails-

  • Have a Suspicious Eye
  • Keep Nodding ‘No’ to Abusive Mails
  • Switch on the spam blockers
  • Never Forget Unsubscribe to junk subscriptions
  • Don’t Ignore the Cookies
  • Use powerupmeds.store ip-Locks
  • Don’t Be Personal While Working
  • Keep Update