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7 Simple Home Remedies for Green Nail Syndrome


7 Simple Home Remedies for Green Nail Syndrome

Green nail syndrome is a condition that may affect anyone at some point in their life. Though it is not serious, the discoloration of the nail can be unsightly. It is something you would want to correct and you can use any of the 7 simple home remedies for green nail syndrome to deal with the problem. But first, let’s get to know what causes the condition.


Causes of green nail syndrome 

This is a fungi infection that commonly affects the nails when we keep them damp. People who work with water a lot are at a higher risk of developing green nail syndrome. It can also affect the toenails as a result of walking barefoot in an area where the fungi are present. Putting on dump socks and spending a lot of time in shoes can also cause the syndrome.

In some cases, green nail syndrome can be an indicator that your immunity is low. This is why people with HIV may develop the condition.

But have no worries, you can easily treat this fungal infection using the remedies we suggest here.


The 7 Simple home remedies for green nail syndrome

Many of these remedies are already lying somewhere in the home so you will not need to do much to start the treatment. It is also best to start these treatments as soon as you notice the discoloration on the nails.

Tea Tree oil

This is a common home remedy for different ailments. When it comes to dealing with green nail syndrome, the antifungal properties of this oil will help to get rid of the infection. It may be a gradual process, but you can be sure that eventually, you will not have to worry about having unsightly nails.

Use a cotton swab to repeatedly cover the affected nail the way you would do with nail varnish. Do this twice a day until the green nail syndrome is gone.


Listerine mouthwash

The same properties in Listerine mouthwash that fight bacteria in the mouth are effective when it comes to dealing with fungal infections. This remedy for green nail syndrome is popular because it has proven effective, especially for infection of the toenails. The procedure is simple because all you have to do is soak the affected nails in the solution for 30 minutes every day until the syndrome clears. some of the ingredients in the solution are eucalyptus, menthol, and thymol. These are all known to be effective in fighting microbial ailments.



Sometimes it seems like every home remedy will have vinegar in the list. This list is no different. Most homes have vinegar for cooking and cleaning and now you can add treatment to the things you can use it for. According to a study carried out on apple cider vinegar, it is effective in killing microbes on surfaces as well as on humans. 

People who recommend this remedy for green nail syndrome say you need to soak the affected nails in apple cider vinegar. 20 minutes daily should be effective in dealing with the infection.

Scraping the nail

It is possible to scrape an infected nail especially if the infection has not been present for long. When you scrap the infected area, the nail can grow healthy tissue that covers that area. Green nail syndrome is considered to be a cosmetic problem so you can find the tools for scraping the nails at a local beauty shop. You may also need a paste to soften the nail and make it easier to scrape.

The procedure involves washing and drying the area properly and then applying a paste. Cover it for 24 hours using a plaster and then scape the green area the next day to remove the discoloration. Some people prefer this because it produces results much faster. 


Apply propolis 

Propolis is known to contain effective antifungal properties. Even though more research needs to be carried out to ascertain how effective it is in dealing with green nail syndrome, it is already being used by some people with the ailment and the results are encouraging.


Apply Sodium Hypochlorite

A 2 percent mixture of Sodium hypochlorite can be applied twice a day until the infection disappears. It may take a while before you see results, but this remedy is known to work and doesn’t require a lot of work. Just rub the solution on the affected nail using cotton or a clean cloth. 


Paint the nail

Many of these home remedies will take time to show results. You however may be uncomfortable with the way your nails look. Since green nail syndrome is mainly a cosmetic problem, you can take a cosmetic approach and apply nail polish to cover the affected part. This can be done as you pursue other treatments that will be more permanent.

If none of these 7 simple home remedies for green Nail syndrome work, you can find pharmaceutical solutions. Go and see a dermatologist who can prescribe an anti-fungal cream that would help.


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