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Exercises for Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises for Men With Erectile Dysfunction


Getting and maintaining an erection involves the use of muscles. It is therefore not surprising that when a man has erectile dysfunction, exercises can be recommended to treat the condition. In this article, we shall reveal some of the exercises for men with erectile dysfunction. These exercises have been known to help men regain their erections.

There are various causes of erectile dysfunction and while some may require medication to treat, exercise is also a highly recommended treatment. Some men may develop ED because of their inactive lifestyle which causes obesity. There is also another category that simply experience loss of muscle strength and tone. Those are some of the cases that may benefit from doing the exercises we shall explain here.



Aerobic exercises are probably the easiest to master. You simply need to find the right exercise that you can perform. Alternatively, you can start with simple ones and then get up to the more intense aerobic exercises.

The main target in aerobic exercises for erectile dysfunction is the heart. You want to get your heart pumping and blood flowing better through your body. However, it is also good for people who end up with erectile problems because they are obese. 

Now, you do not have to exercise like an Olympic athlete. Brisk walking can work just as well, especially when you are just starting. You can eventually start running. However, note that jogging long distances may not be so good for ED because studies have shown marathon running can reduce the level of the male hormone testosterone. It is better to do sprints in intervals. There is also the option of joining an aerobics class in the gym.



Although most people associate Kegel exercises with women, they are actually beneficial for men as well. Especially men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Kegels help the pelvic muscles which are associated with the control of blood to the penis.

Performing this exercise involves contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are located around the base of your penis and your anus. 

When doing kegel exercises, you want to tighten the pelvic floor muscles as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine and prevent a fart from coming out. Tighten the muscles for about 5 seconds then relax them for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 to 20 times.

As you regularly practice this exercise you will eventually see that you can sustain a stronger erection. You will also have more control over how long you can last during sex and better control of your urine flow.



Yoga is known to be a relaxing exercise. If you have erectile dysfunction because of anxiety and depression, taking up yoga may help deal with the problem. At the same time, there are certain yoga poses known to improve blood circulation as well as deal with hypertension which is closely associated with erectile dysfunction. Some of the poses you may need to learn to deal with ED include:

Plank: There are different plank positions that you can practice. The most common is the one that is like the initial position of a push-up. In this position, only your palms and toes touch the ground while the rest of your body is parallel to the ground with your face down. You need to try and hold this position for 1 minute before you move into the next one. The other plank position is the upward plank. This time you will face up and your palms and heels are the only parts that touch the ground while the rest of your body is parallel to the ground. You can also perform the side plank and forearm plank.

Cobra: This position mimics a cobra trying to fend off an enemy with its head raised. Research indicates it is good for strengthening muscles and dealing with depression. In this yoga pose, you lie on your belly, have your toes pointing out and the top of your feet touching the ground. Use your arms to lift your body as if you were doing a pushup but this time your legs are on the floor while only your upper torso is above the ground.

Inhale and keep that pose for 10 seconds then exhale and repeat the pose.

Bow: This pose involves getting into a position that makes you look like a bow. It is good for blood circulation, muscle strengthening as well as dealing with the effects of diabetes and other diseases. You may need help to perform this pose as a beginner but eventually, you will be able to do it on your own.


Before starting exercise for men with erectile dysfunction

Before you begin doing any exercise for men with erectile dysfunction, you need to see a medical professional. This is more important for men who may have other underlying health conditions.

It is necessary to have the green light to do certain routines that may be strenuous. Also, if you are already on medication for ED, do not throw away the meds just because you are now exercising. Exercise compliments the medication you are using.

You need to find out the cause of your erectile dysfunction and come up with the best treatment for the condition.


Lifestyle changes for men with erectile dysfunction

When you start performing these exercises, you will also need to make certain changes to your lifestyle. Your diet should be the first thing you look at. Incorporate more fruit into your diet and drink a lot of water. Exercise requires a healthy diet to perform as well as for you to see the best results.

Habits like the use of tobacco will need to stop. Tobacco doesn’t only cause cancer. It is bad for your heart and your heart needs to be healthy if you are going to do aerobics. Smoking can also cause impotence.


Medication for ED

While incorporating these exercises into your daily routine may help treat erectile dysfunction, doctors may recommend that you also use ED meds which will provide faster results. Some of the available meds for erectile dysfunction include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Avanafil. You can purchase these drugs from Powerup Meds.


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