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Do Bananas Lower Testosterone? Shocking TRUTH Revealed


Do Bananas Lower Testosterone? SHOCKING TRUTH Revealed

When your clock strikes 30, testosterone levels begin to drop by about 1 percent every year. This is part of the aging process that you cannot reverse but you might be able to control some of the things that come with ageing. Watching what you eat, for example, can determine how first you lose testosterone. So if you love your daily fix of bananas, this article on do bananas lower testosterone? The SHOCKING TRUTH revealed is bound to interest you. And if you are desperate to find foods that can increase testosterone in your body, then you also need to read on. But why should you be concerned about low testosterone anyway? 


Why is testosterone important?

Before you go and throw out all the bananas you bought, you probably should know why all the fuss about testosterone. If you are a man, you should be concerned about your level of testosterone because it is the hormone that gives you many of your manly features. Facial hair, strong muscles, bone density, and very important too, is that testosterone is a sex hormone. With low testosterone levels, you will have a low sex drive and even develop erectile dysfunction. For this reason, you should worry if bananas lower testosterone.

Does what you eat affect testosterone? Shocking truth revealed

There is a lot of talk about bananas and testosterone levels, but does it really matter what you eat? After all, testosterone will droop anyway as you age. Well, the truth is that just about every bodily function needs a certain kind of food to function properly. Testosterone, which is produced in the testicles, needs a particular kind of food to be produced consistently. And in the same way, you need to avoid certain foods that may affect the production of that hormone.

Production of testosterone is supported by different minerals found in foods that we eat. The minerals needed include magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamins B and D as well as folic acid. These minerals can be found in different types of foods such as nuts, avocado, fish, red meat, and exercising can also increase testosterone levels. So what about bananas?


Do bananas lower testosterone?

You have waited long enough for this answer and based on research on men’s health, it has been shown that bananas are actually good for testosterone boosting. Bananas contain potassium, bromelain enzyme, and vitamin B which are all necessary for the production of testosterone.

You may have seen bodybuilders add bananas to their smoothies, this is because it also boosts energy and improves energy levels.

Bananas are also associated with firmer erections. They help relax blood vessels and that is needed for a strong erection.

How many bananas should you eat daily?

This may vary based on a man’s level of testosterone, weight, and other factors that can determine their need for boosting the sex hormone. However, 2 bananas a day may be considered adequate to maintain normal testosterone levels.



Despite the myth that bananas may lower testosterone, the shocking truth revealed is that bananas actually increase your testosterone. If however you still suffer from low testosterone, you can seek further treatment. You can even buy medications that help to boost the sex hormone level in men and to deal with problems of low levels such as erectile dysfunction. Order your medication here today.

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